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  1. I fucking love Val, shes that bitch shes iconic - ppl hate on her too much, and for what?
  2. I swear im the only one that adores the boxset like its so cute and the photos🥰🥰
  3. Its all good!! Good luck hopefully they ship to you and its not too pricey🥰
  4. Try Jb hi fi they might deliver to you possibly ! you can preorder them on their site
  5. and w*n e*wards drag him too lana
  6. yeah me too her points are so valid i agree with her so much in terms of the constant criticism etc etc
  7. I love both Miss A covers also i thought Kali changed Por Vida which looks so much better ngl
  8. I think i might wait as hard as it is to do that.... Theres a local record store that gets all the latest vinyls and even limited edition vinyls. I might go to his store this week, he had a record fair on at the beginning of 2020 and i went and found Miss Anthropocene the Limited Edition Translucent Pink Vinyl after it had sold out everywhere else and i was stoked so i brought it! Just saw he has Phoebe Bridgers and other grimes records, he has lana records too im gonna ask if hes going to get Chemtrails in at all....
  9. No worries!! Im now contemplating whether to wait for the UO version or to just wing it
  10. Theyre selling the original cover too, i love them both so i think ill buy the alternate first and then the final cover later
  11. OMG JB HI FI IN AUSTRALIA IS SELLING THE ALTERBATE COVER WITH RED VINYL chile lemme order both vinyls and go broke🤠 edit: im glad somewhere local is selling this vinyl so i dont need to pay for shipping
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