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  1. I’m not familiar with that particular stylus, I’ve got an AT95e that I leave around 2. I can’t say definitively, But I think it’s the bass in that song that’s causing the skip. especially being at 1 “though I don’t know it’s specifications” Whenever you get another turntable I think it should be fine. As for the scratching, Have you wet cleaned the album? A good option is the Spin Clean setup, Around $80 on Amazon - But will do a lot to preserve the quality of your records!
  2. epitome


    Slayyyter, I really really need Erotic Electronic & Belladonna on this album…
  3. So which version/s of the Barbie soundtrack are you getting? Walmart for me, Because they’re amazing. But I love how the gatefold has a picture of the Corvette!
  4. epitome

    Taylor Swift

    LOL I just found it thinking it was an uncropped picture. Forgive me I’m like on break & it’s bright outside… EDIT: Well this one looks as if it’s Dawn / Bright outside…
  5. epitome

    Taylor Swift

    Yes. I love the standard Midnights cover, This instead of the cropped image would’ve could’ve should’ve been just the picture…
  6. A bed? That’s what I’ve always thought… EDIT: I didn’t read the beginning of song…
  7. epitome

    Miley Cyrus

    The fact she used a desert eagle! I believe the term is, I Stan…
  8. epitome

    Miley Cyrus

    I mean it’s her life, But “No connection” with the audience? Idk https://deadline.com/2023/05/miley-cyrus-no-desire-tour-again-no-connection-singing-thousands-people-1235374601/amp/
  9. Ok, going back to work now - will check on lunch!
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