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  1. I don’t know, Kinda poetic in a way. She’d leave on top, Pursue directing, Family if that’s what she wants. I’d personally love to see her continue forever, But just listening to Hits Different thinking of the line: you were the one I loved don’t need another metaphor… Idk…
  2. I just thought, What if Debut TV is the last Taylor Swift album?
  3. Young And Beautiful from Maleficent, Which led me to this great underground singer Lana Del Rey, Have you heard of her? Enjoy The Silence - It’s Perfect. Genesis by Justice, I had already fallen in love with Synth pop thanks to Eurythmics, Madonna, Aqua etc. But I fell head over heels for the album † & my love for Electronic Music Spiraled… Closer by Nine Inch Nails - Words cannot describe my love for this song, I even made a thread here devoted to it’s mashups & samples. Check It Out by Nicki Minaj: “Man, I can't even count all of these hundreds Duffel bag every time I go to SunTrust I leave the rest just to collect interest I mean interest, fuck my nemesis” - Fan for life. Also broadened my taste in Rap which had only been the King, Eminem. But to artists such as Lil Kim, MIA, Azealia and more! California Gurls - The first time I was able to listen to a non country station, I was like I think she sang hot and cold. Faith by George Michael. Start to finish this album has soothed my soul countless times, He was an Angel. OK I’m going to stop now…
  4. November 9th on Website, Not been emailed yet…
  5. Like Seriously, This album better sell a Million copies! Very pretty pressing, About to spin it in a bit…
  6. I’m still buying the Pink TV, But I think it would be nice if the current masters owners would release 1989 DLX on Black Vinyl cut at 45rpm…
  7. Have to go back to work, But the Standard & Walmart exclusive arrived! We 💙 Walmart… Weird thing is, The standard appears to be a gatefold where the exclusive seems to be a jacket… I’ll report back after work…
  8. Husband is an ass. Nobody treats Emma like that! So Happy the show feels like AHS again…
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