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  1. This dark thought crossed my mind too, it really means the loss of all hope
  2. It’s true! And hopefully she will, today or tomorrow. COCC is coming
  3. I have a screenshot for every fake lyrics posted, just in case they end up to be real. They seemed legit to me too, very Lana. I wouldn’t be surprise if they were true, I felt that
  4. Lanaboards, not quite the forum that never sleeps Not quite the forum that wakes, but the forum that dreams, for sure It’s 9 am on Cali, Ms. Grant please do something
  5. “Pussy, politics and pollution” also there’s no waitress/white dress
  6. I also don’t think she cares about doing promo, sharing her looks, being on the top of the charts. I got the vibe that she kinda lives in her own world, minds her own business and doesn’t really pay attention to what happens in the “real world”, so I was a little surprised to see her talking about the pandemic and how it affected people’s lives and totally agree with what she was saying. Deeply people are so unhappy and make their choices based on the wrong reasons but they never stopped to think about it before now.
  7. Oh, I didn't know this. It makes sense since people from the media love to distort what she says. Thank you for explaining
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