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  1. Random but did we talk about Polydor commenting on the July 4th announcement? Does it make it not a lie then? I thought none of her managers/labels had interacted with the post.
  2. I just realized it's actually Wild on You if you click on the video... Maybe it's not far apart from Cherry Blossom because both songs leaked on the same day?
  3. WAIT. Wild One is also there if you put 09 at the end of the url. Edit : https://www.shazam.com/fr/track/466593509/-
  4. Have you all discussed the guy from last.fm listening to a song called Sugary Sweet not too long ago? He’s also listened to a few unreleased songs like Cherry Blossom, Fine China, Living Legend, Thunder, Wild One and I Can Fly(?) which all seem to be related to Blue Banisters on his page? I don’t know if we’ve debunked this.
  5. So what have we learned in the last few weeks about this album? I've been out of the loop busy with work and listening to cocc
  6. Also according to the tracklist section of this review the highlights are the title track, Wild at Heart and For Free. Interesting.
  7. I've seen some people talking about which track they think will be the best on the album and I would be curious to see which one is the frontrunner right now vs. which one will be the actual favorite on the 19th! I've created a poll if some of you would like to participate before the release : https://strawpoll.com/a5zy7ezqd
  8. This album doesn't even feel real. It hasn't hit me yet that it's actually coming out in 3 WEEKS.
  9. Honestly idk I just heard italian and I assumed this was it. I still sing it like this to this day
  10. For the longtest time I thought the chorus of Salvatore was “Ah ah ah ah ah salvatoreeee”. One day I met a Lana stan and he asked me what my favorite Lana song was and I said Salvatore to show him I knew the deep cuts. I was so excited to meet someone IRL who loved Lana, I just started singing the chorus in front of him and then he told me “actually it's cacciatore” and I haven't recovered since
  11. You're in for a treat! For me, Uncharted 2 is the most fun to play and Uncharted 4 the best overall (especially storywise)
  12. sansafuckingstark

    Song vs. Song

    Chemtrails over the country club vs Terrence loves you
  13. 1. Wild at Heart (4:45) 2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (5:00) 3. Dance Till We Die (3:32) 4. Let Me Love You Like a Woman (3:21) 5. Tulsa Jesus Freak (3:22) 6. White Dress (4:41) 7. Breaking Up Slowly (3:45) 8. Yes to Heaven (3:59) 9. Dark But Just a Game (4:52) 10. Yosemite (4:08) 11. Not All Who Wander Are Lost (5:10) 12. For Free (4:46) The more I think about the order the less I'm sure but I'll go with that for now
  14. My guess is it's not going to get the acclaim NFR did. I feel like with LFL and NFR, she clearly wanted to be validated by the critics but with COCC not that much. I don't think the record is going to sound like Ultraviolence but I'm thinking it could end up being a similar situation where it's received poorly by the critics while being acclaimed by the fans, since she doesn't seem to be making compromises this time around.
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