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  1. Kind of but he also replied he had no reason to lie when people commented how angry we were going to be if nothing ended up happening tuesday.
  2. Maybe tomorrow we'll have an announcement. Not a song but still something!
  3. There's no way nothing is happening tomorrow. Byron liked and replied to multiple comments that said it will. Lana and her team wouldn't be trolling fans about an album that has already been delayed. I don't think we're being delusional this time. Part of me still wants to be sceptical because of how much we've been disappointed in the past but come on now. That would be a low blow.
  4. Billboard promoting her on twitter! I hope this means she's coming
  5. She said Chemtrails Over the Country Club in last week's video and the source code still mentions cocc, but I admit the Tulsa Jesus Freak : White Hot Forever thing intrigues me. Maybe she's just going to have a lot of over-the-top titles this time around (White Dress/Waitress, TJF:WHF, etc.) I'm sure there will be at least one title that looks like a full sentence as well.
  6. Ok but the description on Youtube says the video is in “anticipation of her seventh studio album Chemtrails Over the Country Club”. They probably know enough about the album to understand how the content of the video relates to the themes of the album, which could also explain why they would know about the release date... September it is!
  7. Reading these last few pages made me low-key depressed so I just wanted to say : The album is coming out THIS MONTH It's already supposed to be out, Lana said the album was pretty much done in the interview and we know it is being mastered as we speak. I can't see her delaying it for more than a few weeks.
  8. Jared seems to feed off the animosity towards him if we're being honest we should ask him I guess.
  9. Am I the only one tired of the alexparliament jokes? I'm sure it's not fun being made fun of everytime you log on a forum. It's not like he's saying anything offensive lately. Maybe I'm being too sensitive here. Not talking about anybody in particular btw, dozens of members have made jokes about him.
  10. I'm trying to read the room on what we think the album is gonna sound like and so far we're going for country/folk but also grunge and psychedelic rock and also very low key with no instrument whatsoever.
  11. She seems so scared of this album, which makes me think it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see the tracklist and the cover omg we're going to be fed so much in the next weeks.
  12. I just hope things are going to pick up soon if we're to get a proper rollout. If we get a song or a cover/tracklist in the next few weeks I honestly don't mind the delay, but no more silent treatment please.
  13. So I just looked for the meaning of 12:12 because I'm desperate and this is what came out : In this sense, seeing 1212 repetitively means that, if you continue to focus on your dreams with a positive approach (believing they will manifest) even in the face of difficulty and challenges, you will make your wishes come through. Basically you can create your desired reality by focusing on your intentions, or the power of thought. It's coming tonight ladies! We believe. And if you don't fake it till you make it.
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