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  1. Does anyone think nobody might have the album as of right now this time around, despite what the insiders want to suggest? It seems suspicious to me that the only song that leaked is one that was intended for Chemtrails at first, which might explain why some people had access to it? Also, maybe some of the crumbs of information given to us like Eclipse saying a few of the unreleased songs haven’t been reworked are just educated guesses based on the length of the songs he could have had knowledge of. Maybe there are some other proofs I’m forgetting but this era really seems more secretive for some reason and it’s keeping me on my toes!
  2. Do we know if Rob sings on Sweet Carolina or if he only plays piano?
  3. I just created a poll about your prediction of your favorite track on Blue Banisters. I did this for Chemtrails and I really enjoyed seeing the results so feel free to answer if you feel like it https://strawpoll.com/gkpzxehu1
  4. Do you gays think maybe Sweet Carolina is about Lana and Chuck’s sisterhood and that’s why Chuck said « our song » in her post? In my head maybe Rob calls them ‘Carolina’ as a duo (Caroline+Lana) and that’s why all three of them are involved on the song. Edit: Not my autocorrect changing guys to gays.
  5. Did the album leak omg? I just got off work I haven’t seen anything since the tracklist.
  6. I’m glad to hear it! It’s kind of cool to start a massive 15 book series and know our opinion of the characters is going to evolve as they grow older. Makes it feel like we’re part of the journey ourselves! How would you rank the books so far?
  7. I did! Took a little break after book 1 but I’m about a third into the Great Hunt right now and I’m really digging this one so far! I liked the first one but it felt like an introduction to me and now the story is starting to be more fleshed out. I’m loving the political intrigue in Fal Dara with the Aes Sedai and I like how the characters are starting to split up. Makes me really interested in where each of their individual journey is going to take them. I would agree that the characters are the highlight so far, they already feel like dear friends. I love them all but so far I think my favorite is Nynaeve, I love how protective she is towards the original crew. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! I know there are so much more characters and worldbuilding still left for me to learn about, I’m excited to see how my opinion of the characters change in the future books. Also the tv show looks AMAZING, I’ve been trying to read 50 pages a day since the trailer came out!
  8. But what does she mean by the video games reference? I’m not ready fuck
  9. I'm almost done with book 1! I have no idea how long it'll take me to get through all of them but I'm hooked.
  10. Like miss change once said, there’s something in the wind I can feel it blowing in
  11. I was about to say this. I’ve been replaying them all day long and I love them but somehow I still feel like I can’t fully grasp them yet? It’s weird because normally after 2-3 listens I know how I feel about her songs, but with these I’m not 100% invested while they’re playing but I can’t stop listening.
  12. Random but did we talk about Polydor commenting on the July 4th announcement? Does it make it not a lie then? I thought none of her managers/labels had interacted with the post.
  13. I just realized it's actually Wild on You if you click on the video... Maybe it's not far apart from Cherry Blossom because both songs leaked on the same day?
  14. WAIT. Wild One is also there if you put 09 at the end of the url. Edit : https://www.shazam.com/fr/track/466593509/-
  15. Have you all discussed the guy from last.fm listening to a song called Sugary Sweet not too long ago? He’s also listened to a few unreleased songs like Cherry Blossom, Fine China, Living Legend, Thunder, Wild One and I Can Fly(?) which all seem to be related to Blue Banisters on his page? I don’t know if we’ve debunked this.
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