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  1. I absolutely love Young & Beautiful. Is it perfect, not at all. But remember it is a track written for a particular story and if you have read Great Gatsby, you will see how the lyrics fit Daisy's struggles with the two men in her life, Jay and Tom. Musically the song clearly hews to the same general style as BTD and Paradise, but I see no problem with that. I agree that the production could have been better, could have been recorded in a better studio, but listening to the song, and the gorgeous melody, reminded me why I fell in love with Lana in the first place!
  2. Both, although the BTD-PE does not have all the tracks. Have the BTD-deluxe box-set on pre-order from Amazon (supporting her all the way!).
  3. I think Lana is treading on thin ice here with her negative comments about America/Americans. It is undoubtedly true that her biggest critics have been music critics/bloggers who are based primarily in the US (and particularly NY) but there are many, many people who are either fans, or are unaware of her (because of the lack of any promotion in the US, and I mean any!). US remains the biggest market by far, and best strategy for Lana would be to not comment about US at this point. I believe that ultimately the hater community in US is going to move on to some other obsession, and if Lana keeps improving in her live performances, I can see her coming back to SNL to great acclaim in a couple of years, not just as a musical guest, but as the host!!
  4. The deluxe edition is now being sold by Amazon (pre-order) in US. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009H1S56O/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00
  5. I just saw this in one of her old interviews, and probably is the most accurate depiction of how she imagines her past life. http://www.repeatfanzine.co.uk/interviews/Lana%20Del%20Rey.htm “All the good stuff is real but isn’t, myself included. Coney Island is a place people go to escape, but whatever you choose to be your reality is your reality. So, in a way it’s just as real as anything else. I mainly let my imagination be my reality. Fantasy is my reality.”
  6. I don't think she has claimed anywhere that she had jobs. All she has said is that she volunteered for drug/alcohol outreach/rehab, and did some $100 odd-jobs off Craigslist. She also got the $10,000 signing bonus from 5 Points records that she used to rent and outfit her trailer. It is very likely that her dad supported her (plane tickets back and forth from UK, living/renting costs in NYC, the studio costs for recording the nearly 100 tracks (should be quite substantial)) but I don't see that as a problem. If I had the money and my kid had a dream to make it as a musician, I would do the same.
  7. Sam Gho


    Beautiful lyrics, she really is a poet!
  8. This interview throws up some completely new things, she moved to Long Island because she did not want to go to college, WTF, when was that? Noreen and Tim, toured outside America for 3 years? I sometimes feel she just makes up stuff to keep all of us guessing!
  9. Lana seems to have deleted/hidden all the postings/timeline on this FB account (now named something else). It is possible that this post was not something she wanted to be out there (not to mention her actual birthday being listed as 1985). There were also comments she made about Gaga and Katy Perry's music that I guess she regrets making.
  10. I found this post more interesting. This was the first contact between MM and Lizzy, and I guess led to the interview and their relationship.
  11. That Nevada reservation line really backs-up her response to people criticizing her for the head dress, when she said she had worked on a Native reservation, and it was not meant in a derogatory way. Also, based on the earliest MySpace pages, she was in Alabama in 2006.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJrcpmoApNs
  13. I have written this before, but I think Jimmy G was a minor character in her life, as far as a real relationship was concerned. I think she developed a crush on him after meeting him at clubs etc., and as she said in some interview, she was impressed by his rock-star credentials, but realized later that he was only modestly famous. I think the more substantial relationships were with K, and MM. As far as songs are concerned, many of the early songs are about K, while the majority of the later ones are about MM (obviously she refers to both of them in some songs). Jimmy is the inspiration of only a few songs but she intentionally confuses matters by choosing BS for two of the videos, even though the character in Blue Jeans or VG or BTD has nothing to do with what we know of JG. Instead all the three songs of the trilogy seem most closely based on MM's character, with aspects of K's criminality thrown in, but mixed in with JG's looks (tattoos).
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