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  1. fucksforever

    Melanie Martinez

    the EP is actually really spectacular and would argue that its better than K-12. numbers and test me are two of the best songs she's ever written, along with field trip. she's really evolving as an artist. cry baby is really special to me, so idk if she'll top it anytime soon. but, this EP at least shows that she's definitely growing as a writer and is starting to experiment a lot more with her instrumentals. really excited to hear what's in store for album #3.
  2. the way absolutely nothing happened while i was at work today
  3. chemtrails rollout so far hasn't actually been that bad. the only flaw it has is that she announced the date early. we clearly have multiple videos and photoshoots coming, and she is very obviously excited to share the music with us, as well. violet coming out finally is also really exciting. though i have yet to preorder a copy of the physical book, it's just very nice that she's finally releasing the book she's been talking about for the past two years. she's in a great place with her artistry, and I'm excited to see that reflected in her music (since it seems she's been in a bit of a tumultuous situation with it during the past two albums; as much as i love LFL and NFR is probably my favorite Lana album to date, Honeymoon felt like the last time she was truly FULLY in control of her narrative and making exactly the kind of music she wanted to make.)
  4. i swear if she doesn't start promoting Chemtrails as soon as Violet is officially out...
  5. i have a strong feeling (wishful thinking) that the title track will feature either a key change or a tempo change a lá west coast. i predict that it will start off dark like serene queen or something from honeymoon and the chorus will sound like venice bitch (bright, psychedelic). like I'm thinking of the music video and how she described the song lyrically and BRTHR's past videos, and to me it just seems like it'd fit. if not a tempo or key change, maybe just adding a LOT of instruments that aren't in the verses during the chorus, almost making it sound like two different songs, but not enough to be jarring.
  6. yes but its nine seconds out of at least 3 minutes of said lead single
  7. the snippet reminds me of venice actually! but sonically sounds like it's own thing with that acoustic guitar in the background
  8. the constant NFR hate in this thread is annoying and unnecessary tbh. like there's a whole thread dedicated to talking about that album, why don't you guys talk about how much you dislike the album there
  9. no offense but we've heard 9 seconds of one song and 30 seconds of another (which sounded completely different than anything shes really done before)
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