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  1. its really good idk why i see so many complaints. we all know she chose 3 of the weaker songs from thank u next as singles, and the album was still an amazing and incredibly personal work. this has potential to do the same.
  2. starting to feel less and less excitement regarding this album unfortunately. her attitude lately along with the lack of info about it has made it hard to be hyped. i bought the violet hardcover yesterday at target and i adore it, but i feel generally kinda like I'm not that invested in her right now. maybe that will change once Chemtrails comes out, but at this point i don't really think about that much anymore. hate being a bummer tho and I'm happy some people are still fully excited!!!
  3. i know you guys are not having a discussion about why you think the weeknd is problematic in this thread we literally stan LANA DEL REY aka someone who's considered one of the most problematic people in popular music today.
  4. people aren't mad because they want to be woke. that's a fallacy. people have a genuine reason to be mad with her, and it's because it's a very reckless decision not to wear a mask in public. her testing negative doesn't matter, because she can still contact the virus via someone else and then she can spread it to other people and so on. i have defended her for a lot, but this is crossing safety lines. sorry for being off topic, but something has to be said about this. (also your points about BLM and Marxism are complete bullshit) but i digress. hopefully Lana gets it through her head that she's killing her career. i can't see Chemtrails doing too well anymore now that just about everyone with half a brain has a reason to be mad at her. i love her and I'm excited to hear Chemtrails, but she's been making a lot of shitty decisions lately and it's affecting how i look at her to be honest.
  5. cheer up, guys. it coming out in december or january means we get a good rollout!!!
  6. idk why you guys are upset. we've waited longer than two months already! if it comes out in december, that means we're probably gonna get a proper album rollout (vs if it came out this month, we'd have a very rushed one). im guessing LMLYLAW is coming this month, with either cocc or tulsa jesus freak in November, with the album finally arriving in December. ❤️
  7. over 10 new pages this morning and all that happened was that ben said soon
  8. I know no one asked, but I decided to rank my favorite LDR songs while taking into account both my personal opinion as well as how objectively good i think the songs to be. i tried to make it as varied and unbiased as possible, but fair warning there is a LOT of norman here, so be warned! and without further ado, here's my ranking. feel free to leave your own top 25! 25. Cruel World 24. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 23. Love Song 22. Brooklyn Baby 21. Cinnamon Girl 20. California 19. Salvatore 18. Fuck It I Love You 17. Heroin 16. Pretty When You Cry 15. Freak 14. Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It 13. The Blackest Day 12. Born To Die 11. West Coast 10. Video Games 9. Terrence Loves You 8. The Greatest 7. Shades Of Cool 6. Happiness Is A Butterfly 5. Ride 4. Mariners Apartment Complex (Yes, I put this song in my top 5. No, I will not apologise for it.) 3. Honeymoon 2. Off To The Races 1. Venice Bitch (Because, duh.)
  9. here comes the people complaining and acting surprised that the album didn't come out in September like we didn't know that already
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