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  1. “My hips, San Gabriel all day; // My lips, like the fire licks the bay, if you // think that you know yourself, you can come over // Lay your hands on me like you’re a land rover “ pretty sure it’s this; the “view” you’re hearing is actually the “if you” of the next line. Beautiful use of enjambment
  2. Dude SAME She introduced it as a lullaby that she had written "years ago". So it was probably even written long before Honeymoon era but she did post the snippet then. And that "What you don't tell no one // You can tell me" is such a beautiful lullaby lyric
  3. I read somewhere that this version of Dealer does not have final mixing finished + that the feature may be taken off the track. Apparently someone heard a snippet where it was Lana singing the verses. Can anyone confirm that this exists??
  4. Dude. this song is FIRE. And the fact that he sings the verses works perfectly for me— it's almost like he's playing her dealer or smth
  5. Araby


    I lowkey think y’all are crazy— this is her best body of work for me, by far. Such an odd but fantastic album. She’s ACTUALLY giving the Joni teas that Lana claims to be giving. I think she’s a ridiculously strong songwriter; the only reason people are saying the songs “sound the same” is because she uses a quiet vocal on every one. Lana should hear this and take note of what Jack can do with instrumentation, because this album’s production is stellar.
  6. The level of delusion to think there’s a double album release coming…. RIP
  7. I'm not a hypersensitive stan I just hate the narrative that drug use (of any kind) inherently makes artists' music better. Wouldn't have reacted that way had the word "dope" not been used either, but I guess that's what ppl who don't smoke a lot of pot call it
  8. She has a history of drug abuse and you're saying you want her on "dope"— weed is a legal drug in her home state so I don't know why you'd refer to it by that name. I thought you wanted her back on harder shit, as "dope" implies. Either way, implying an artist needs substances (that theyve expressed have been unhealthy for them) to make good music is....weird, love
  9. Wishing an ex-addict would relapse on drugs/alcohol in the guise of "wanting better art" is super gross Why would she need a stimulant to make good music?
  10. Manifesting Roses Bloom For You as track 3
  11. It would need a production rework for sure but the lyrics are thematically relevant and it has a strong enough melody. It just comes from me wishing there was one more uptempo track (a la TJF and DBJAG) around the end of the record to break up the BUS/DTWD/For Free stretch
  12. I really wish she'd put "I Talk To Jesus" on this record. Would've fit so beautifully right before or after Breaking Up Slowly, as sort of a side B/part 2 for Tulsa Jesus Freak.
  13. UGH I hope she sits pretty at that Metacritic 85 but I fear it will drop to the 81-83 range again.
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