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  1. We have a new "ugliest track list" now. LFL doesn't come close to these awful song titles - but ngl I kinda love it. Why do ppl think that the new vinyl is part of a boxset?
  2. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it < sylvia plath
  3. Today is the day. I am ready. This might be my last post in this thread. Thank god. See you on the other side guys
  4. Ok I just listened to Ultraviolence for the first time in a few months and omg this upcoming album is not gonna top it. It is simply too good. It's like a greatest hits.
  5. picturebook

    Taylor Swift

    This album is better than Lover. But I still hope that she goes back to her Folklore/Evermore sound at some point. That's her best music. I know that the general public loves the pop stuff more, but at the end of the day those songs will age worse and can't compare to her magnum opus aka Folklore. Reputation aged much better compared to her pure pop stuff (imo).
  6. I feel so bad for her. No one deserves this. It's her private stuff. Imagine having all your private family footage stolen. Music is one thing but the other stuff is a different thing imo. I would feel so weird knowing someone sees my private stuff that was never meant for the public in the first place. She also prob will never see that again. I wish the person who stole it would at least return the private stuff.
  7. picturebook

    Weyes Blood

    How many songs (excluding interludes) are on the album and when is it coming?
  8. picturebook

    Tove Lo

    There is no reason to delay the album release till October if the vinyl won't be available by then. That's what I meant. CDs are ready in a matter of days/weeks.
  9. picturebook

    Tove Lo

    I don't get why the album is getting released in October when the vinyl is coming next year. What's the point of waiting so long? Also the "deluxe" vinyl is super expensive and so is the shipping. I hate her store. Also she is a swedish artist - why is there no EU store?
  10. Cherry Pie and DMD or Pepsi Cola. No burgers obv. As extra you get a download code for her non existing covers album.
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