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  1. is the television performance still standing? do we have any info or clue on what she’ll be performing? (im guessing title track and/or arcadia)
  2. some people said the og version had version during the first verse (i never heard the og version of thunder, only knew nectar, legend and blossom) and it sounds to me like the sound of the drums is bleeding through her headphones when she recorded the vocals
  3. so on Genius it says Owen Pallet (!!!) did the string arregement for thunder? is this confirmed? thunder was the only one of the older unreleased tracks i hadn't heard before today and i loooove this version (still haven't heard the demo)
  4. can anyone sum up all the lustforlife insider info? i honestly can’t remember, except that BBS will be “surprising” or whatever it would just be funny to check that info once the album l**ks
  5. i really wanna know whats up with her, is she happy is she married where is she
  6. i think its the guitar player sliding his finger off the guitar string. there must be a word for that idk lol
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