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  1. I agree with those saying this record is a mix of all the previous in some moments. textbook has this honeymoon feeling black bathing suit has lust for life if you lie down with me has ultraviolence thunder has a slow born to die vibe cherry blossom has a paradise nectar is may jailer violets for rose is kinda normy to me beautiful picks up from where cocc ended and then we have arcadia, blue banisters, sweet carolina presents a new vision dealer kinda reminds me of the my bedroom is a sacred place But none the less BB>COCC>LFL fight me
  2. i could easily picture black bathing suit in LFL. i get so much of this chaotic tracklist of LFL in BB. for real, i’ll be waiting for BBS (Pop Smoke Trap Remix)
  3. wait what? hahaha it crossed my mind that something wierd it’s going on because something would have been written in the news, and there’s nowhere to be found as a piece of information. sad .
  4. i don’t know if you guys have discussed this or seen this. there’s a piece of an audio interview of nicki minaj in the site -that -can’t -be- named -saying that she has a feature with lana in her new album, and that after the qftc post lana reached nicki’s team to explain the meaning behind the post.
  5. so lana reaches to arcadia while the trio drops. am i delulu to believe BBS continues the story showing us what happened afterwards? manifesting a music video real quick...
  6. lust for life tracklist choices could have been better
  7. so many options for the worst taste award among you . cruel world = honeymoon= textbook = best openers i guess i could run for worst taste too cause i don’t find blue banisters as a strong track, but anyways i’m looking forward to see what other gems in this album could have been used as singles instead . #justiceforCinnamonGirlAndTJF
  8. so i was listening again the interview with annie mac the other day, and i noticed that while being interviewed, a male voice said something about fixing the chimney. by that time lana was with clay, so i guess blue banisters was about him? since she said that he would fix her weathervane. maybe it’s been already discussed, excuse me if i’m bringing this up twice
  9. quite un popular 1. Textbook 2. Ultraviolence 3. 13 beaches/TJF 4. Fuck it i love you 5. West Coast/High by the beach i 6. Sad Girl 7. Cinnamon girl 8. Burnt Norton 9. Fucked my way 1O. thunder 11. The blackest day
  10. black bathing suit = Sad Girl (Lossless psychedelic Trap Charlie XCX Travis Scott Remix)
  11. gosh i hope she goes, cause in the mini paparazzi interviews she could spill hard question for the culture (The Re Up Met Gala Remix)
  12. now that she’s taking a break from the socials, it comes to my mind that the next music video will be a bigger bomb than arcadia.
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