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  1. Wow Violets for Roses is devastating. The middle section of this album is out for fucking blood! Good lord!
  2. I'm on BB right now, not even to the new stuff and this is AOTY and that's that on that periodt.
  3. 9 MINUTES you hoes buy bottles? Cus I bought BOTTLES LETS GO LANA DEL REYYYYY
  4. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 5 days yall. I can do this And then I ascend
  5. The way BB is already superior cus it has nothing like BUS on it at all. An album of our one and only queen's voice only (plus whoever the dude on Dealer is but I haven't heard it yet cus I am holding this patience)
  6. Working there for 5 years, when music started being released on Fridays, the albums show up on the truck on Tuesdays. So if you're getting any leak from target, it won't happen till next tuesday.
  7. Me to every single one of you believing these "insiders". the only the they have the inside scoop on is where to find the most gullible ppl on the internet, and apparently it's right here. This is a varied album, we been knew, Thunder supremacy, Arcadia devine, and peace be with you.
  8. About 58 minutes? Hell yeah we support this. Let's move everyone, hype train is boarding! Beautiful and Thunder are gonna be the radio pushes, these are obvious facts. And Carolina is short which means it'll be devastating. Manifest all that and a bag of Doritos.
  9. MALIGNANT Holy sweet beans that shit was......BONKERS. absolutely mad film. It's like a movie you find in the far back of the video store, and not Blockbuster; one of the shadier video stores that carry the weird stuff. I loved it.
  10. I hope this is more than just a covers of a certain artist or era. Lana, cover WHATEVER you want and just make sure production makes it all cohesive. Otherwise, do anything you want boo.
  11. I can't even look at the tracklist and think that it's real. This is all too much. I'm overwhelmed. I'm spiraling, IM SPIRALING!! Also I'm in the strict no leaks club so the fact that yall are in love with it all serves. This fandom won't be taking BB slander. That shits embarrassing keep it to yourself.
  12. Dropping in to say WE'RE POPPING BOTTLES!! We're clearing the isles, we're taking it all cus this is IT!!! EVERYBODY WON. This is the serve of the century, and there's still another album coming. I can't even process this level of winning.
  13. BAHAHAHAHAH they contain multitudes. And yes bitches we are buying champagne for Wednesday when we get TWO FUCKING PREORDERS AT THE SAME TIME.
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