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  1. Just now, LemonadeHeavens said:

    uhh kill kill is perfect just the way it is and i don't want her to rerecord it, so i'm glad the rumor is fake :makeup:

    2nd this, 3rd this, 4th this. Kill Kill is perfect as is. Focus on that cover albums and the Country Club girl, we don't look back only forward! (For real though, this isn't a TSwift situation, and Kill Kill lounges in the past where she belongs)... we're getting CoCC in May aren't we? Lol

  2. Ok. So its, well incredible. Only complaint, and it might be cus im broken but it sometimes sounds like they backed off her vocals randomly, like they were afraid of her power. However, Angels Like You, Hate Me, and Never Be Me may be the goddamn TRIFECTA of this woman's incredible evolution to- i wouldn't even call her a rock star, its too simple-This is just an iconic survival, she should've gone down 12 times over now. Night Crawling and Gimme What I Want are such swagger, High was the grower but im into it, and Bad Karma is sexxxy. But Angels Like You and Hate Me, I was rendered to tears. When the lyrics speak to the personal and universal, it can overwhelm the senses and cause the levy of my tear ducts to break. This is a fucking masterpiece.

  3. 2 minutes ago, conceptart47 said:

    You and me both sis, YAS! 15 hours til my next visit




    Lordt...its so sad im probably joining you in that. Im smiling so much! Also yes holy wow the super close up....how is this girl only 6 years older than me? Well I guess the Chipotle isn't great on the skin....ain't givin that up.

  4. 3 hours ago, RormanNockwell said:

    Okay but what is this


    A burrito? I dunno, I kept Chipotle in business during quarantine (annnnddd we're back at it again!) I cant believe Brunette Lana is back, im so surprised. She is, shew honestly she usually gets me speechless. An absolute babe

  5. 1 minute ago, takeitdoen said:



    The band on the track is incredible!! I literally can't write any intelligent critique because I just love it all!!!

    This. This is exactly how I feel. Not that I've ever been eloquent on here, but words escape me. I forgot that this woman is a sorceress of atmosphere. The band and especially her backup singers make this such an ace.


    Totally random in terms of its feel-anyone ever seen or heard of Over The Garden Wall? I get that vibe from this version.

  6. 1 hour ago, sweetlikecinnam0n said:

    So, let's see how many of these I manifested right

    One down :smokes:

    Impeccable taste!!!!! I'm here for the rest of your manifestations. But yall, let's start partying! I cant speak for the rest of you, but I dont think my mind is fully recovered from election week. The news grows more grim by the day, the sentient orange gourd still wreaking havoc, an uncertainty still tainting the very air.(but there is hope). Im so emotionally spent, and like a dove with a vine, Lana has come to lift my head and look forward. Yes its a cover, one I actually really cherish, especially Scarlett Johansson's version. But this is going to be an absolute serve, and I want my favorite friends of the boards celebrating with me. Im grabbing a bottle tonightttttt!!!!!

  7. I....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah. I think I like it alot. The opening verse i thought "we're in Electra Hearts territory oh shit" which then Segwayed into a less melancholy Froot vibe (that album is nothing but an October fall incarnate, said what I said) and then it...became its own thing. Does it have 2 bridges? Also thrilled that the chorus isn't over used. This is a success! I just have to get used to it cus its an oddity. Into it.

  8. When I think American Classics and Standards I think of some husky voiced women hawking me a double album at 3am in the morning "Lana Del Rey sings American Classics and Standards, a double album filled with treasured favorites spanning from the 1940s to 1970s and interpreted by Del Rey herself, accompanied by Emile Haynie. For just 3 payments of 19.99, you will receive this incredible collection of Lana Del Rey's personal favorites, along with a hotline number you can call! Lana del Rey has recorded a personal message for you about her Upcoming Chemtrails over The Country Club, coming SOON. Order now while you still have your sanity!! "

    (Forgive me, ive been up earlier than usual to feed chickens...on that farm life for a second)

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