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  1. realclosetojesus


    I have some corrections for Over This, pretty sure it's accurate.
  2. realclosetojesus


    1. Over This 2. Throatzilla 3. Self-Destruct 4. Doghouse 5. Villain 6. Venom 7. Butterflies 8. Clouds 9. Letters 10. Troubled Paradise 11. Serial Killer 12. Cowboys
  3. realclosetojesus


    Someone try it please
  4. realclosetojesus


    No but highkey hoping it will soon.
  5. realclosetojesus


    I knew God wouldn't let us starve until June to hear Over This. (Don't be mad at me I'm still gonna buy the album lol)
  6. realclosetojesus


    March 19th can you imagine the chaos?
  7. realclosetojesus


    Why am I sad that she has a boyfriend even though I'm gay?
  8. I mean it would already be out in NZ right? I never believed for a second that this album was real, I'm not even bothered lol
  9. Can't wait for her to sing that Summertime cover that no one cares about on Jimmy this Monday
  10. realclosetojesus


    Same with Over This. I've been overplaying the 1 minute snippet and I think about this song every fucking day. I tried to stop myself but I'm afraid my hopes are already too high.
  11. I mean I'm not a hater but I have to agree. It's like a generic track that could be by any white blonde pop singer from around 2015 like Bebe Rexha, Zara Larsson, Julia Michaels, Olivia O'Brien, Pia Mia lol. You know?
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