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  1. the way this movie gave me massive anxiety I had to pause it half way through after the shit had hit the fan and started watching it again 15 minutes later.
  2. It's the witchery for me ... Lana has managed to get football fans (generally homophobic or uncomfortable with homosexuality more or less openly / more or less unaware) to ask to have her sing this at the stadium when covid is over like they have no idea what they are getting themselves into - if this happens, there will be literally NO SEATS available for the straights to watch the game because all of us will have bought tickets and will be queuing outside the stadium for three days lol - they better rethink this
  3. I want a Yayo Part 2 moment in COCC where she goes back to the exact same trailer park where she used to live 15 years ago and spends the night out on the trailer front porch thinking back to when she used to live there so I can finally cry all the tears I've been holding back
  4. You know, I said before how the song didn't really do much for me as opposed to other versions (Ella's or Billie's for instance - which I still feel like are above Lana's) but I've been finding it more and more pleasing to listen to Lana's version lately. What I think they did with the song is they tried to give it a Lana imprint and made it hypnotic and sultry - perhaps a little too sultry for a lullaby. That's what took me off guard at first. Also parts of the video feel a little bit over-acted and this kinda clashed with the vibe of the song for me, whereas the bits where they're road tripping in the car and it all feels slowed down and like they're on some weird shrum trip or something it's cool and matches the vibe more (again, the vibe I think they were going for with the song). Listening to the song without watching the mv is way different and it's making me appreciate the song more and it's now definitely grown on me and yes, like you said, totally blows lmlylaw out of the water.
  5. alright chill bestie - trap might not be the most appropriate term if you only look at trap from one perspective but there are many variations of trap , and some lo fi slowed down trap beats and trap-soul beats are pretty similar to the beat in TJF , specially if you consider that there doesn't seem to be a lot of instrumental going on beside the drum kicks and some synths.
  6. Guys I had my first cocc related dream last night ... if by dream you mean nightmare
  7. wait , is Norman hated here? Anyway I too wasn’t too blown away by the song. The instrumentals are so gorgeous though and very detailed, the backup singers are fierce. Lana’s tone in comparison is somewhat flat and I think her voice has been mixed way too loud - It’s so hard to sing jazz properly, I think it takes a lot of actual training and a specific technique and you shouldn’t attempt unless you know what you’re doing, like it’s really hard. Even Amy had her issues when singing standards or standard-sounding songs, and Amy was literally brought up on jazz. I’m happy Lana’s happy that she’s helping though, this is important.
  8. I’m sure there’s many standards that are not as popular - anyway I’m here to witness the collapse of lanaboards now that the new single has dropped - she looks BOMB
  9. but it's going to be boring If I have to hear "son of a preacher man" one more time I - ... ugh
  10. Honestly I hope she doesn't go for the type of classics we've all heard before (stuff like I put a spell on you, bang bang, baby it's cold outside and the likes that pretty much everyone's done). Hopefully she'll throw some Elvis in there. Also unmanifesting Hey Blue Baby and Stupid for being so happy. Can't wait for the new song tonight! yay
  11. COCC vid is going to be about some hellish cult like the one she talked about years ago that she was kinda part of only now she has finally gone from follower to leader and her friends are all devilish beings worshipping Mother Nature and stuff like that I'm sure of it
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