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  1. can I get cocc? instead of all these hags keep on messing with my mind with all their crazy lies
  2. alright last night I had a dream that a new version of Happiness was going to be on COCC with some updated lyrics and new instrumentals and someone on Lanaboards had posted a screenshot saying it was going to be a bop LOL These were some of the updated lyrics as far as I can remember {...} every day is a lullaby dreaming on the vine and I'm getting high I am ashamed of myself.
  3. I mean would it make sense dropping anything not Violet related? Mark my words, next post is going to be Lana reading a random poem from the book that is not on the audiobook. That would make the most sense tbh. Anything COCC related is very unlikely at this point.
  4. If they are still filming COCC there's really no point in expecting anything for a couple of weeks at least.
  5. shit I thought Italian radio was crap but what the hell is this crap my ears are bleeding
  6. I knew that but I was expecting like a phone call after the performance re-run or something - wtf is this even for?
  7. I promise if this is a re-run of the interview from last year it's the dumbest shit I've had to put up with so far
  8. can't believe it still says Lana Del Ray fuck me the bitch has been around for A DECADE literally how hard can it be to do some actual research on an international fucking radio what? smh
  9. Yes most of her fans seem to be gay. However I have two friends who are straight and like Lana and I have recently introduced another friend of mine who is also straight and a musician to Lana's music and he was very impressed and started listening to her. Tbh with you I wouldn't be able to tell you why, they are not particularly "above average delicate or sensitive" guys but they all have a decent knowledge of music in general and two of them also like Billie Eyelash (which I ugh don't like). I have a feeling a number of factors might be the reason. Some might have to do with the way Lana presents herself in terms of glamour that might scare more narrow minded straight guys away from her music. The music itself can be very self-indulgent sometimes. The evergreen, male-oriented, ingrained perception that a very feminine artist (or an artist that uses her femininity) is automatically not worth listening. But artists like PJ Harvey or even Amy Winehouse don't get the same treatment. In general I think the perception of femininity plays a big part as in the bigger picture that a woman's work is still thought to be less valuable and likeable than a man's.
  10. Wow one can truly appreciate how far and deep Lana's influence on music goes when a troll stan of another, less relevant, artist takes the time out of their day to create an account on a Lana fandom page just to vent their frustration trying to look relevant. I mean, it is not only incredibly pathetic, but the action itself shows nothing more than how secondary that artist is. They think they're promoting their fave but what they are really doing is showing that their fave exists in opposition to Lana, not on their own. Pathetic.
  11. guys have you heard the new Neighbourhood record? I kinda got some type of midwestern sound from some of the songs like Sunburst Tobacco (which I loved) but in general the album is pretty mixed (I hate when that happens) but for some reason I'm expecting this type of vibe from COCC.
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