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  1. https://www.instagram.com/stories/samasghari/2505404069141789327/ Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, finally is speaking out against Jamie screenshot of what he said before he inevitably deletes it
  2. just read that on ATRL, kinda scary if this is the reworked version and messed up too since she's an independent artist. let's hope she doesn't find out and get upset/scrap it because it leaked, but she didn't do that with link up even after it leaked so i'll try to be hopeful. This is giving me deja vu from last summer when they don't understand leaked a few days before rascal (superstar) dropped. i'll never understand the mindset of leakers, they have no issue leaking shit that's about to be released but horde old demos of songs that were already released or are confirmed to be scrapped. i'm highkey still waiting to hear the og demo of cash race + her demo of jlo's I Luh Ya Papi
  3. guessing this is another Nashe outtake? and just like the other ones it's a huge bop edit: wait nvm i just saw you said it's a SFY outtake
  4. i don't remember what the username on here for the person working on the masterpost is, but whoever you are I had this that I didn't see in the masterpost and thought you could possibly add it in for whoever may want it/doesn't have it https://dbree.org/v/96011a Rihanna's demo of Same Old Love, Charli does a few backing vocals too if you listen closely
  5. for some reason i thought I Got You was gonna be charli singing that bebe rexha song nnnn but it's even better! thanks for whoever leaked it! Me when i play Ebola (What You Need) the leaks lately have been truly special to me personally as some of these songs were songs i remember being teased in 2018 but was never sure if they'd ever see the light of day (BIOYL w/ stefflon, Next Life, etc.) plus the 24hr album which was also very unexpected. A lot of these songs are also songs I've really connected with too especially with a lot of stuff that's happened in my personal life lately, songs like Happy Now and 1000 Times perfectly describe how i've been feeling lately with a lot of the stuff i've experienced and it just makes me feel so much better knowing there's someone else out there who's been through something similar to what i'm going through right now, and even if these songs weren't technically released I still love and appreciate her for being able to open up about her experiences and what she's been through. And thanks to @1000Times and whoever else leaked these songs because they've been truly amazing and have helped me a lot lately! what if it is 1000 times still leaking this stuff? maybe they just decided to not hype it up on lanaboards anymore due to all the spam/requests
  6. sometimes i wonder if this is how you normally act irl or if you just always come on here when ur high or smthn
  7. omg when charli performs it on her next tour I THOUGHT THIS SONG WAS FUCKING BIG ON DBREE
  8. the best song on Hot Pink finally getting the praise and recognition it deserves looks like we have our next Say So type hit on its way
  9. In My Arms though, what a serve
  10. the only thing i kinda still wanna hear is whatever that best friends/green money in a briefcase/we gon be stacking song is, it sounds like it goes tf off. but i am most definitely content with all the current leaks we've gotten, especially after getting the 24hr album in hq and bioyl w stefflon (which i didn't even think anyone had aside from whoever leaked that lq snippet in 2018) i hope miss @1000Times is living their best life rn cuz it's what she deserves, generous queen speaking of 1000 times, the song really incredible, idk why charli decided not to release it cuz it would be a hit
  11. did not know this sorry! but yeah i don't think it is from VV sessions, whatever she did w SOPHIE back in late 2015 I'd consider VV session songs
  12. yeah i think swords was one of the songs from the 2017 sessions where she recorded songs such as issues and boys, songs that she didn't write herself but her label wanted her to put out so she could possibly get a hit.
  13. inch resting, did not know about that. let's hope it leaks then cuz it does feel like charli is the feature even tho it's her song lmao also in terms of charli x tove songs i really hope we get to hear the charli remix of tove's bitches not the released version but apparently the original remix of tove lo's song bitches featured only charli
  14. is there a solo version w charli? cuz ik the song was intended for alma originally until charli decided to snatch it back, give tove a verse and throw it on pop 2.
  15. you're a blessing tysm!!!
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