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  1. Tbt when someone killed their dog so that Harry styles would respond to them
  2. stan wayamaya

    Song vs. Song

    Shades of Cool v Life Is Beautiful
  3. its time to start using our collective energy to get a computer science degree so that we can hack lana and leak it
  4. the only featuring artist allowed on this album is Bruce Springsteen
  5. I read this as Lana having a collab with win the most terrifying moment in my Lanaboards history
  6. She is 100% doing this shit on purpose, welcome to the controversial era (not that previous eras weren’t, but she’s trolling at this point). She’s not dumb at all, most of what she does and especially what she shows to the world is with a purpose.
  7. I had surgery this morning lel so I was like kinda asleep and kinda awake so I actually remembered my dream for once
  8. Ok so when I said violet I meant lavender but I got confused bc I’m loopy and VBBOTG. 12 tracks and white dress/waitress is track 7 ir 8/ the last track had a long name so I think it could be LMLYLAW. There’s lots of shrubbery in the visuals but the cover has water on it. Dealer was the track before Easy, I think they were tracks 9 and 10 respectively. I didn’t see any features.
  9. I am having post anaesthia Visions to the tune of Leonard Cohen and I saw the track list but the only two tracks I remembered were “Easy” and “I read it in the paper”. And the cover has a violet Color to it, like that was the Color of her dress or something. Brb putting the ice pack back over my eyes and I will continue to search
  10. stan wayamaya

    Song vs. Song

    diet mountain dew v burning desire
  11. stan wayamaya

    The Black Keys

    Turn blue is like ultraviolence’s younger brother who got the ugly genes. Still good though.
  12. guys don't joke about september 5th, we could accidentally manifest september 5th 2021
  13. What’s coming in seven minutes? Say it with me, girls and gays : LMLYLAW
  14. I'm not sure why people say that jack isn't good at instrumentation... did y'all skip the last 7 mins of venice bitch? VB has some of the most beautiful instrumentation in her whole discography IMO.
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