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  1. can someone fact check / verify if this is actually LDR? She looks a lot like her. HOWEVER, I don’t see this post on @honeymoon? On Instagram.
  2. Nobody touch Tulsa Jesus Freak and How to Disappear. They are BEAUTIFUL exactly like that, the others I agree with. On How to Disappear, I wouldn't be surprised if Interscope once said, "If you don't make this damn song even a remotley happier, there will be suicides."
  3. WHY am I seeing the return of the bee photoshoot on merch for Blue Banisters on LDR Village? Also, who was in charge of the design? It's HORRIBLE. It looks like they just cropped, copy, and pasted her eyes. The sweatshirts are BLACK. There's nothing BLUE about it. There only shirt I like is the teal LANA DEL REY with B L U E B A N I S T E R S written across in oatmeal heather.
  4. My profile title track, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, could have been a masterpiece if it was ever finished It was for AGE OF ADALINE starring Blake Lively. It was locked under LIONSGATE rights until SOMEONE somehow leaked it. I promised LDR I would burn down LIONSGATE HQ for it, two weeks later it mysteriously appeared online. She had written a song about someone convincing their friend to "come back to them" because "life is still beautiful". Shortly after writing the song, Del Rey was contacted by a producer who had commissioned her to submit a track for The Age of Adaline with a theme that was similar to what she had just written. Ultimately, the song was never officially released, however was featured in various promotional videos for the film.
  5. I feel you on this. Its been like this in San Francisco and I really do think it gives the album different dimension and experience when it’s shit weather. Like I was in line at Sight Glass coffee and it was my turn to order and I was holding the line cause I was daydreaming on Living Legend. Ps. Your Brody Jenner icon is iconic.
  6. TAKE THAT BACK. Are you really shitting on 13 beaches and Cherry? Not to mention A$AP collabs AND WHITE MUSTANG?
  7. 1. Lust For Life 2. Paradise 3. NFR! 4. Born to Die 5. Honeymoon 6. Blue Banisters 7. Ultraviolence 8. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 9. Sirens 10. AKA I guess you can say I grew up on hip hop 🤷🏽‍♂️ unpopular opinion, but we are not all the same when it comes to admiring the endless talent of Lana Del Rey.
  8. Um you guys Dealer and Black Bathing Suit are on my library on Apple Music. Does anyone else have them?
  9. The close up of Chuck. She looks IDENTICAL to Lana. I know they’re sisters, but she could definitely be her twin there.
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