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  1. Everybody’s being so coy and mysterious but can somebody just say the song? Don’t worry I won’t listen I just wanna know for the lore
  2. Recently I toured Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. This is famously where Elvis got his start and recorded all of his first hits (as well as Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, etc). The whole studio is really small, pretty much just one room, but totally steeped in music history. Anyway, the guide was talking about all of the artist who have recorded there over the years and name dropped none other than our girl. Does anybody know what Lana recorded there? When I searched it, I see that Lana toured Sun and Graceland a few years ago but I didn’t find any info on music she recorded there. I guess I should have asked the guide but a lot of people were chatting him up after the tour and I figured he probably wouldn’t know.
  3. Who’s the “crazy y cubano” guy from West Coast? I thought she was with Scottish guy for UV.
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