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  1. i LOVE country lana this album is gonna have so much variety y’all i’m not ready can you post omg?
  2. irongates

    Meth Love

    i wonder if that unknown line is something in french or some language other than english
  3. irongates

    Neon Palmmm

    i think that second line might be "[we/you] can get away, come to the shore" but i couldn't understand a damn word she said so
  4. february when was the last time you listened to your car’s fm radio?
  5. i was JUST listening to this song last night. the taste!
  6. irongates

    Melanie Martinez

    i’m in tears
  7. irongates

    Melanie Martinez

    if it leaks in the same quality as dressed in mistakes i will organize a riot
  8. irongates

    Melanie Martinez

    it's been over six years.....please.....im begging......
  9. i think she had it on close friends and just took it off 💀
  10. THEY’RE the miserable asshole??
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