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  1. i honestly couldn't stand this movie, i feel like they put way too much focus onto the aesthetic and visual and left the story incohesive and confusing
  2. i have more hope for a new song on this one. there’s no way she’d premiere a new song on television, so i wasn’t even expecting her to do anything new for fallon. remember when she performed how to disappear at that apple thing?? idk y’all....i’m having hopes....
  3. i'm glad she's taking action against him, i feel so bad for her
  4. sugary sweet

    Miley Cyrus

    faves: gimme what i want, angels like you, golden g-string, high flops: bad karma, wtf do i know, plastic hearts the other ones are good but nothing special! also what's the best quality we have for electrify my brain and could i perhaps have a link
  5. sugary sweet

    Haley Blais

    im surprised there isn't a thread for her yet, i love this girl so much if you like phoebe bridgers / weyes blood / lucy dacus / haley heynderickx or anything in that vein you'd probably really like her! her new album "below the salt" came out in september she's also in an all female band called babe corner who recently released an ep
  6. sugary sweet

    Charli XCX

    adding that ctmp edit to my collection even if it's fake it's just too good
  7. sick and tired of her posting about cocc video but not elaborating JUST ANNOUNCE IT
  8. this would fit lana's voice so beautifully, musically it reminds me a bit of the good life at times i think this would be a better closing cover for uv than the other woman
  9. i LOVE country lana this album is gonna have so much variety y’all i’m not ready can you post omg?
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