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  1. The country music landscape is a whole different beast though. I don’t think indie country (where Lana will undoubtedly land) is as well supported even if Lana dreams of a simpler life.
  2. the Lordeprint Welp I’ll be parked in the Sightings forum because at least she’s not moving out of LA
  3. I wonder if Arcadia, the city in LA, has any personal significance to Lana. Sometimes when Lana says things that don’t make sense right away, it’s usually because she’s speaking the AA language. So Arcadia reminded me of the poem where Lana said she did AA meetings in Lake Arrowhead
  4. “they build me up 300 feet tall” makes me think Lana is a west coast statue of liberty
  5. Hm there’s something Disney-ish to me about Arcadia.
  6. The peace sign to middle finger is timed nicely with the last two piano chords lol
  7. I like the album covers a lot! Might even buy a variant. But I guess I’m sad to let Chemtrails go because I connected with it a lot thematically
  8. I don’t think her story on BB will take us back to her boarding school days which is what I would connect most to I remain perched but not as hyped yet
  9. ok but I want Lana to take some accountability for the QFTC shenanigans?
  10. somebody tell me where to look I can read HTML code but I don’t know which website
  11. I’m kinda dying that Lana is extending to Arcadia in her LA-based cinematic universe because I have extended family there and it’s not a very “Lana” place
  12. Can’t believe a new era is upon us. I’m still out here enjoying Chemtrails
  13. NewportBitch


    This album kind of came and went for me. I still listen to only a few songs, but I will wait for the price to go down and buy the music box for the bonus tracks. I think Lorde is focusing her promo for NZ as it's reaching summer there. But still no newsletter or video releases since the album came out
  14. I wouldn't touch I Can Fly with a 10-foot pole because it will just dig up Harvey Weinstein stuff Minimal BS controversy era please
  15. This album is gonna head towards the 70’s on Metacritic because ppl will be like “she’s rehashing her old stuff” tbh
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