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  1. Re: Lana’s latest post Imagine Lana performing at an inauguration. She doesn’t have the star power but it would be iconic
  2. I don’t think Lana values public opinion as much as Taylor does. She just needs to wait for the world to be in a more stable, peaceful place and release a good album.
  3. I feel that Hope and Chemtrails are written at the same level of intimacy & introspection, so if critics think Hope was really good & a reflection of society, why isn’t Chemtrails? That would show that critics are shifting the goal posts (Although not everything Lana writes has to be about society and I have my own interpretations of what Lana wants to say about the world in Chemtrails)
  4. I was thinking about this yesterday. The greatest was her most political song on the album, and it was all in the outro. Maybe the release of Looking for America around the time NFR! came out influenced perceptions.
  5. The world the song is set in is quite small. The parallel structure of the hook, “Under the chemtrails, over the country club” and the repetition of the market create a setting where the sky is the limit; the country club is the center setting of Lana’s life, the market and the schools being the only other places she goes. The astrological references are less about the stars, but it’s more about the explanation that any personality differences is written in the stars. I thought this whole song was about her family/Patty. It would be strange to mix Sean and Chuck in the same song. I initially expected this song to be an indictment on people who live in an alternate privileged reality. They think about God in a country club while chaos is all around them.
  6. Hopefully this album will be just as well received so it’s a signal that she can branch out to other producers besides Jack!
  7. Lana is getting heat for spitting out a take that’s not a typical “I condemn Trump and leave at that” or the more hypocritical “both sides” that Matthew McConaghey, Chris Evans etc were doing. This take isn’t even new from Lana. She talks about it in Violet. Sociopathy has become a function of American politics. There have been many articles and books written about this angle.
  8. Didn’t Trump’s niece write a best selling book about Trump’s narcissism? It’s a feature that makes Trump who he is, so can the Internet stop insisting that Lana is entirely wrong...
  9. Reddit’s popheads has a big post condemning Lana today. Era is going well, I see
  10. Today I learned of Olivia Rodrigo, who people say is a mix of Lorde (my second fave) and Taylor, and now I’m starting to feel old. Lana still remains relatively peerless especially thematically and sonically. Maybe that’s why she can put us through the ringer
  11. After this album drops and Behind The Iron Gates is out, I can see Lana disappearing for a longer time. I keep thinking this is the beginning of her career’s twilight
  12. Probably wanted to relate how her music predicts the current events Like I remember her saying that the pandemic, a large scale event, forced people to think about what’s actually wrong in their own lives, which is a theme she supposedly touches upon in her songs all the time idk This interview will be forgotten. Whatever dumb things Lana says these days is dwarfed by the news. People hardly cared about evermore’s deluxe album that came out last week
  13. to be fair, the riot at the Capitol is on everyone’s minds in the US. there’s almost no escaping it even if music is scheduled to drop
  14. lana ur gonna make me cry with that interview get help
  15. I’m getting a similar vibe- that CoCC + 2 poetry books are squeezing her creativity, perhaps prematurely and due to poor management.
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