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  1. I hear Fantano framed Lana as an industry plant in one of his recent videos Mhm yeah, White Dress, one of Lana’s best songs, is about the time when she was plotting with the men in music business to become a star. Part of me wants Lana to not address her critics especially about her origins. White Dress already said a lot. And as much as White Dress is nostalgic or regretful, I think it would be good for Lana should cherish those memories for herself and only herself, instead of constantly hashing it out cryptically in public. On top of that—music critics continually act as gatekeepers of culture but their influence has considerably waned with social media & streaming.
  2. I thought Nikki gave Lana the BUS demo for her to build the recording off of but at least lyrically and maybe the overall song structure, the both wrote it together. That Gucci lipstick has been released for a while though (~1 year or so)
  3. I can see that if Rob timed things correctly, he could’ve made some good money before the dot com boom collapsed (which was around 2002), but a lot of the domains he still owns are ones have peak dot com bubble vibes (tropical fish dot com sounds like the infamous pets dot com) It’s possible that Lana felt “poor” even if she went to an expensive boarding school because that money wasn’t exactly spent on what she wanted.
  4. When Lana said “they say I came from money but I didn’t” I believe her. How the hell is investing in internet domains a million-dollar venture, especially by the time Lana was in college. Rob does list some of the domains he gave away as gifts but there is no standardized basis to evaluate their worth so it’s inflated.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqqwCorvXF/ This caption from Chuck makes it seem like she will be due soon, much sooner than the late June estimate
  6. What was the difference between their stories? I remembered them to be about the same
  7. I’m still streaming this album a lot <3. I haven’t listened to the album from beginning to end as much because I think the track listing is a bit weak. I’m coming around to this idea that Lana *had* to release this album even if it wasn’t fully baked, mostly because this album is such a rejection of fame. Kind of like a continuation of the artist she skewers in Norman but it’s reflected upon herself
  8. Daddy Rick appears in a YouTube comment section to give a little more background on the guitar in Yosemite https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwshAL_8BBA136oCp94AaABCQ
  9. The piano tracks on Melodrama were the only ones Jack sole produced fwiw. The other songs’ more interesting production styles came from like Flume or Malay. I liked this TikTok about the “Jack Antonoff Cinematic Universe” https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMemgT8e4/
  10. wait omg I don’t think it’s likely but the reflection in the window is like the same landscape as that video
  11. Blue Banisters fits so much better thematically with Behind the Iron Gates but rarely is Lana that on the nose with titles Is there a way we can look ahead into book publication progress like we do with Shazam, ASCAP
  12. This felt Sylvia Plath-y to me because of like..throwing yourself off a banister?
  13. Was there ever a thread that finds the sources of the vintage video clips Lana used in her MVs? Right now I’m curious where the opening clip of VG is from (the orange & blue futuristic looking thing) and the highway shots in VB (since I’m convinced I know the locations of them)
  14. I feel like Miles Kane took the best song from their writing sessions. He said that all their other songs didn’t make the cut because they were slow, John Lennon like ballads and I don’t necessarily need more of that from Lana
  15. Harry was caught wearing a N*zi costume at a party and once called a Pakistani person a slur. I personally believe that people should be able to grow from their mistakes especially when they're young, but the utter lack of reconciliation with those two incidents from Harry is I think Diana was kind of classist though. She hated the royal family members but it's not like she wanted to opt out of it entirely.
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