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  1. I expalined myself cuz I WASN'T sexualizing her with the triple meaning lyrics That's the whole point of what I just wrote
  2. It's ok babe You weren't talking about me so I didn't even reply u on that
  3. I know you ( @Fingertips) weren't talking about me but some people were actually talking about me Babe nooooo I had to write that
  4. I know some of you guys aren't talking about me but some of you are And this is also for anyone else who misunderstood what I wrote about tunnel/ocean boulevard triple meaning YES I wrote those words about the triple meaning of tunnel/ocean blvd And I don't regret writing them AT ALL cause I didn't mean it in ANY sexualized way or weird/gross way I wrote those words cuz Lana is simply a genius to me and the master of double/triple meanings to me (and not just to me) And we all know she's always very explicit and unfiltered and unapologetic with her lyrics So I thought maybe she meant that as a triple meaning that's just what she always does with her words (double/triple meanings) cuz she's a genius I didn't mean it in ANY sexualized way or weird/gross way The thing is: Art can be about sex What's wrong with that? And ofc we're not sure if she actually meant it in that way And that's why I used the word "personally" in that old post Anyways I'm sure a lot of u guys understand what I'm talking about But I guess some people just LOVE to turn things into something else and make me look like a weirdo or pervert and some shit like that which honestly makes me really sad!!! It hurts my feelings Yes this actually makes me sad and I'm not even kidding (idgaf if anyone calls me sensitive. In fact I am a sensitive person. So what?) cuz this is some serious shit (anyone assuming I'm a pervert or weirdo or anything like that) No one here actually knows what kind of person I actually am so this whole thing is just wrong but I guess a lot of people just don't give a shit about how they make other people feel online I like u guys. All of u That's why I'm writing this in the first place I could've just log out forever or be a lurker but I like u guys and I like talking about Lana's art with u guys so that's why I'm writing all of this in the first place cuz I wanna stay here But I guess some people here just DON'T like me and assume the worst about me And that's ok (I guess??) There's nothing wrong with that I guess But saying it out loud is just simply wrong Saying whatever the hell u want about my personality is just wrong and honestly hurts my feelings But like I said I can't make people care about my feelings So i don't really know what to say anymore mod note: user was wanted for post. Please stop filling up the pre release thread with all of these off topic posts
  5. Manifesting the best memories for u and your boyfriend queen you just deserve it
  6. When she starts posting cropped parts of the single cover on oceanblvd so that by Feb 2nd we can see the full cover and then on Feb 3rd she releases the single + mv + album trailer
  7. Wait The two man-made walls are actually honeymoon and oceanblvd insta accounts
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