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  1. i thought the same... just literally flipped my phone
  2. sure! just that i'm for latam so my ping might differ from yours but i play with people from across the world so i'm pretty used dealing with ping and get to manage it most of the time, i'll dm u my steam fc
  3. oh, just rumours from people who seemingly shared information previously that ended up being true. but i'm manifesting... i play both! mostly surv, wbu?
  4. the way i opened the thread thinking about dbd and this is the last post... i do! i picked it up last friday after months without playing and did the rift to level 70 already lol i'm excited for lara croft to come into the game! it was a dream of mine back during quarantine days
  5. i didn't give a damn about this song until now these lyrics are so good... this might be my new roman empire give it to me rachel...
  6. guns and roses bridge need this...
  7. i'm sayiing the bridge is between my fave ones and that outro with her singing ROOOSEEEEEEESSSSSS over and over again... like why tf is everyone slandering...
  8. wym... i cry to flipside EACH TIME... i barely listen to it nowadays because of that actually i dropped to my knees during MITA like i was shooked and shaking and almost to the point of passing out
  9. Rockwell Firefly


    this! i personally haven't listened to jesus in miami or even love to make and won't do until she announces a tracklist for her next project... last thing i know she said about LTM is that iirc she wants to do a starfucker b-side or something through tumblr and i'm waiting to see if she does anything about that. it's obviously not the same to listen to a song from an old era that just leaked as to listen to a leaked song that we know it might be released on her next project and i stick with that.
  10. Rockwell Firefly


    mixtape, she indirectly talked about the song during like 2018 through her curiouscat
  11. Rockwell Firefly


    and drive thru
  12. she's teasing FROOT (10th Anniversary Edition) with outtakes and demos
  13. my ideal setlist: 1. 13 beaches 2. music to watch boys to 3. west coast 4. blue jeans 5. national anthem 6. the trio transitioning into thunder 7. terrence loves you (shortened) 8. love song / cinnamon / the greatest medley 9. salvatore 10. tulsa jesus freak 11. chemtrails over the country club 12. dance til we die (shortened) 13. taco truck x vb (shortened) 14. ride 15. video games 16. love (new version that makes it a proper closer) maybe summertime sadness and tunnel too but i feel like it's perfect like this
  14. way to start a thread anyway - all the angels and destroya... chef kiss...
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