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  1. God, I fall more in love with Wildflower Wildfire every day. The singles are all so damn beautiful, but WW has aged like the finest wine. A month seems too far away - I need the full album now.
  2. Is this just the standard black vinyl? https://www.target.com/p/lana-del-rey-blue-banisters-2-lp-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-84599732
  3. Did the restock already sell out? I don't check my phone for a few hours and this happens. I wanted to get the white vinyl.
  4. When do we think signed copies will drop?
  5. It would be just like Adele, professional Lana imitator, to copy her release date just like she copied her paradise tattoo.
  6. Ooh, joining in on this. 1. Ride 2. Mariner's Apartment Complex 3. Shades of Cool 4. Fuck it I Love You 5. West Coast 6. National Anthem 7. Art Deco 8. Money Power Glory 9. California 10. Thunder 11. The Blackest Day 12. Nectar of the Gods 13. Swan Song 14. Hope 15. Change 16. Is This Happiness I love Chemtrails, so I feel bad excluding it completely. If Thunder (top 3 song for me) weren't being officially released, Dance Til We Die would have taken number 10, though.
  7. I didn't listen to Thunder on YT much because I instantly fell in love with it and downloaded it, but I vaguely remember one of the first videos I listened to had this picture: And I think it perfectly encapsulates the vibe of Thunder. The whole shoot does tbh: Sweet '70s rock Lana is best Lana.
  8. I don't know if I want to risk playing this or not.
  9. Text Book: Fuchsia Blue Banisters: Charcoal gray Arcadia: White Thunder: Navy blue and white with a little ochre Wildflower Wildfire: Sage green and pink Nectar of the Gods: Cognac brown and black and baby blue Living Legend: Light gray Cherry Blossom: Pale pink and amber
  10. Wow. I agree with the people who said she seemed sad, and I hope that she's doing well and this is what's best for her. It can be tough to make a big decision like that, so I think it's only natural to feel sad even if you know you're making the right choice. It does feel like this is the end of an era, with Blue Banisters closing out and summarizing her journey from BTD to now. It feels like this is Lana Del Rey as we knew her saying goodbye, because I think that this chapter in her life is officially over and whatever comes next will be completely different from her work thus far. Like Lana said in WTWWAWWKD, Is it the end of an era? Is it the end of America? No, oh It's only the beginning If we hold on to hope We'll have a happy ending Here's to hoping for a happy new beginning for Lana.
  11. They don't have to do any promo for her and she still gets #1's and 2's and breaks records with the amount of vinyl she sells. A label has to do nothing but let her record her music in peace - which is all she wants - and they make a huge profit from her. For all the reasons people think she's a nightmare to manage, I think she's any label's dream.
  12. I think it's just a fan-made mockup. The UO one is already out and it's that variant but with the yellow vinyl, same as the one in her store. I wish we'd gotten that blue vinyl, ugh.
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