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  1. Called a record store somewhat near me. They have a bunch, and put one aside for me. Driving to get it now -- so excited.
  2. Wondering if my Canadian orders - which are fully paid for - will remain in 'pending' status forever. I can't believe I don't have a single vinyl from this era - absolutely ridiculous.
  3. None of the record stores in my area even know if they'll have the blue vinyl on Friday. I'm not sure if I should check them all out or not even bother tbh. I've had terrible vinyl luck lately.
  4. Did anyone who ordered from the Canadian store and had their order delayed get any updates today? I ordered everything from their store, including the signed CD, and it was delayed until today, but I haven't gotten any shipping updates. I wonder if I'm ever going to get my stuff.
  5. Did anyone who ordered from the Canadian store have their signed CD order canceled? I ordered mine from there and it's delayed until November 12th, but it hasn't been canceled. Fingers crossed Canada delivers.
  6. I'm getting so nervous since all my orders are still delayed until November 12th. I ordered from the Canadian store and haven't gotten any more updates. Seeing everyone else get theirs plus knowing there were issues at the vinyl plant and these variants might be legit limited edition this time makes me anxious.
  7. Took a bubble bath , ordered Italian food and spritzed myself with French perfume, now I'm going to lie down in my Violet merch & pearls and luxuriate in the sounds of the album. Thunder, If You Lie Down with Me, and Sweet Carolina... here I come bb's.
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