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  1. I wish this album was out already I'm ready for the next one if there's a chance it's nfluenced by media controversies The Revenge of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant featuring hit songs Dealer, [Question] For C[ulture] Pt. 2, Read What U Wrote Hoe, Fancam Girl, Sophie... (patent embroidery do-over) , Fuck The New York Post Complex, Rapper Love feat. G-Eazy, Rapper Friend feat. A$AP Rocky, Wild at the Capitol, Not All Who Ramble Are Unwell, and twitter is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it
  2. Let me make myself comfortable while I settle into this thread for the remainder of my stay here I'll never forgive Rick Nowels* and Dan Heath for the overproduced mess that is the album version of Body Electric knowing the 2012 live version with the pared down dark foreboding strings and operatic vocals,,. It could've been one of her best songs. *Since redeemed by Honeymoon title track
  3. The way I regularly listen to most of these complete and utter serves besides I Was in a Bad Way, Bollywood Hawaii and Criminals Run the World (because Maha Maha and Hit & Run exist) My taste
  4. I agree omg I still don't really like the original cover one bit but I've been thinking it feels somehow more eventful as an album cover despite its messy candidness... the Neil photo is beautiful but looks like a random Neil photo that someone added as filler album art for an unreleased song, although I generally prefer it... Irregardless, I'm currently using neither.
  5. Betty Boop Boop, Moi Je Joue, Neon Palmmm and Birds of a Feather are top tier tracks in my eyes but I realize that that's deeply disturbed. My least fav Lana songs are maybe: Break My Fall Velvet Crowbar Butterflies Roses Damn You JFK Starry Eyed Lucky Ones American Love But I can pick out at least something I like about all of them and going thru these made me realize that honestly none of her songs are completely unlistenable to me which is... a madness that both dazzles and dizzies me
  6. I always get those two mixed up ass well for some reason... Unpopular opinion: we should have more fun with fonts. No rules, ladies!!* *Unless outlined at lanaboards.com/guidelines
  7. Your comments kill me queen Actually before the video trailer was released I was expecting the phrase 'chemtrails over the country club' to be absent from the lyrics because it seemed so clunky but she managed to work it into a pretty melody so anything is possible
  8. Incwedible... in Germany or Italy? That cover with the pink text idea that's been thrown around, or red, would be very...
  9. Souns like "how this deep" ... and the alleged "Late night tv, I want you on me" sounds like "I want you only"... to me
  10. orpheline

    Azealia Banks

    V interesting... Do you have experience? I love your Belladonna theme btw And Azealia Banks... is a really interesting thinker and talented musician. I love her song Mamma Mia. Really um cool
  11. orpheline

    Azealia Banks

    She wasn't making soup. She's moving and boiled its skull so that she could take it with her. Which is... sentimental
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