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  1. Right now, for me, "Do you think if I go blonde, we could get our old love back?" is paralleling "If I get a little prettier, can I be your baby?". But at this point the discography is so large om not sure where to take this.
  2. my vinyl arrived todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. Been waiting for my "shipped" notification alllll day. Still nada
  4. Though probably true for a type of Americans, just a poetic Lanaism!
  5. Did not mean to merge those two responses
  6. Oh definitely! Its always so interesting to hear everyone's interpretations (I feel so much more emotional about the sequence of Living Legend - Cherry Blossom - Sweet Carolina, bc of your sweet words about them). I feel like with WTWWAWWKD could be a bit of a parallel with what you said about America's war AT Vietnam (bc lets call it what is was) and the Trump admin. Bc there was a lot of backlash with anit war groups during the 70s, with protest groups (and from what I remember, that subculture/"hippies" blew some buildings/things up in protest, which is ironic in itself - but dont quote me on that bc its been a bit since I was in school), which was reflective once Trump came into power, in regards of more backlash. And now we are where we are For every piano song we require 2 non piano songs. Perfect ratio
  7. This is an interesting take, bc I (though dont rly like or listen to this song) never thought of it pertaining to a specific war. My interpretation is how the world is kinda of always at war, not literal war, but constant conflict and issues, while being just an average citizens without any real power (as opposed to a politician), but still trying to remain positive. Which in a way we can all relate to, bc at most all we can do is educate ourselves, dance, sign petitions, etc
  8. For me, it's the timing. B2D was what it was in its time, which paved the way for sad (sexy) femme artists. So I guess the question is more, would femme sad artist still be accepted at this time of it wasn't for Lana?
  9. I would have died. Lana was the first "celeb" /singer/writer that I ever gave a fuck about, and needed to keep hearing her thoughts, so I could grow as a person too... When I first heard Dt Mtn Dew, I was like, "I didn't evening know this sort of music could exist" .. and here we are
  10. So I just have to sayyyyy, I'm honestly so excited for this album, and I was so excited, & pleased, with Chemtrails. And I know that a lot of people expected more from Chemtrails for production reasons etc, (also understandable) and were a bit disappointed, but I was very happy with it. SO to see what LANA has up her sleeve (ya ballads n yada yada, but probably more too?), I'm not even sure what to expect!!!! She is unpredictable. For some people, its easy to rank her albums, this one is superior and this one isn't (Ultraviolence is my #1: probably nostalgia, L4L: last BUT I still love it) but for me, its more about adding another amazing album to the Lana discography to listen to. Like, I remember when I was 23 and only had b2d, Paradise, and Ultraviolence (+any unrealsed I had discovered at the time) (ya I'm old) to listen to, on my Ipod. And now I have all these songs + poetry. Anyways, 4 singles have been on repeat, n LOVE u all! Blue Banisters in 20 days (and I haven't listened to any of the unreleased, so...... )
  11. Patty to Lana: I think this picture would look nice on your wall *wildflower wildfire is born*
  12. announcement coming!!! (also this post marks my transition from newbie to member )
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