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  1. "Everything Harris wrote about Del Rey, he could have written about Madonna; about Miley Cyrus; about Beyoncé. But he didn’t write about those popstars, he wrote about Lana Del Rey, and he did it because the gap between persona and person seems so self-reflexive in case of Del Rey; so stark." I have always thought this ^^^ I think the bottom line is, no matter what critics write about Lana (in regards to her music + persona + creating herself/writing her future) and try n tear her down; you cannot tear down how impactful & transcendent her music is, and how it makes people feel - that shit is real.
  2. not the UO exclusive being the same cover art as the original
  3. This was very interesting to read through. Gave me a different perspective on the matter https://www.reddit.com/r/popheads/comments/kvu2eb/the_coddling_of_lanas_behavior_has_gotten/ specifically this point: "Here’s the thing; Lana is from a waspy culture prevalent in NY. Let me explain. Lana and I ran in similar worlds; we went to boarding schools ( my rival school) around the same time. We both lived in NYC and ran in similar circles. I knew of her, I am a fan of her work and I understand much of the mindset in which makes “Lana” who she is today. She is a product of a perverse mindset - a diluted one, born of this world ... progressive old school democrats ; with some money or at least enough to afford affluent education. Her parents are like most I went to school with; either super rich, or super educated- the super educated believed in empowering their daughters. The schools are saturated with white guilt; they offer heavy scholarships for underprivileged ethnic minorities and admissions works to make sure they can proudly state “diversity “... but once you are inside the walls cliques are cliques- the school is segregated . It’s the unavoidable truth. elitist white girls who spend their spring vacation in prauge, Asians, Black and - inner city underprivileged ( I say all this bc the school had scholarships awarded to black gifted girls in NYC ) , and artsy- leftist progressives- with educated parents drowning in debt to send their daughters there. Why does this all matter? The schools try to be diverse; give the sense of “inclusion” and bestow this false narrative on all the white girls that they are products of inclusion and diversity- even though they never once hung out with the Asians or black students. There’s such a huge difference in the worlds they come from, and there’s no effort to actually relate. Yet those white girls are inundated with a hyper liberal education- believing that they are enlightened to racism ; that they are the crusaders - all while they eat lunch with their white friends. Lana is so troubled bc she believes in her soul that she is not racist. It’s why she word vomits about this at every moment she can. She is so upset to be called a racist - she can’t let it go. But she has lived in a bubble her whole life. She can’t see she is apart of it; bc she has always been against it ;theoretically. She is a waspy progressive New York girl, from a progressive New York family who’ve always voted blue; as they take their yearly vacations to the hamptons or Rhode Island. Removed from any real hardship... who fights for perceived equality. She believes she can talk on these things bc she believes she is above it. She doesn’t see color?- yet she is so quick to list off her token ethnic friends. As if it somehow buys her a pass. Are you her friend because you are fulfilling a forced diversity quota - ? it reminds me of “progressive” democratic NY and CA diversity laws - laws that were created by her old school blue politicians that make it a law to have a percentage of minorities represented in their schools, business etc. ...Where as a minority you wonder if you are actually qualified / were the best candidate or if you are fulfilling some quota. Lana is an embodiment of that. Well intentioned racism. The kind of racism that automatically assumes people of color are inferior. - the white savior complex (edited to add this) She gives her reparations with her poetry book. while it is wonderful it is putting a bandaid on a much bigger problem- we must ask who will help native Americans gain their sovereignty? And take them out from under the laws that keep native Americans impoverished. Now I don’t expect her to fix it.. but her platform could be used to talk about these real issues created by the US government to this day. She says “rappers” because she is so uncomfortable to even say “black men” . . She speaks saying she can relate - but she can’t . She never will."
  4. They posted about it on their insta! But yeah I was surprised there wasn't a review of it too. Just information about the album and music vid.
  5. I am patiently waiting for UO or Walmart exclusives to be revealed. I msged UO. I feel your pain
  6. Pitchfork https://pitchfork.com/news/lana-del-rey-shares-new-song-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-listen/?utm_campaign=likeshopme&client_service_id=31190&utm_social_type=owned&utm_brand=p4k&service_user_id=1.78e+16&utm_content=instagram-bio-link&utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social&client_service_name=pitchfork music festival&supported_service_name=instagram_publishing
  7. Listening to Marianne Faithfull this morning, it would be so perfect if Lana covered Rich Kid Blues or It's All Over Now Baby Blue, her voice is so perfect for it! And it would match the Mid-Western/folk aesthetic of COCC.
  8. Click on the IGTV on her insta profile and it will come up
  9. Ive been listening to the snippets on repeat <3 cannot wait for the studio version. I don't consider this "country" though....
  10. Pitchfork review https://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/lana-del-rey-let-me-love-you-like-a-woman/?utm_campaign=likeshopme&client_service_id=31190&utm_social_type=owned&utm_brand=p4k&service_user_id=1.78e+16&utm_content=instagram-bio-link&utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social&client_service_name=pitchfork music festival&supported_service_name=instagram_publishing
  11. Just received my copy of Violet, promptly cancelled my dentist appointment to spend time w her - cannot wait to immerse myself in the new poems!
  12. Alright, gotta get this out there bc everyone reports their Lana dreams here. I was at a Lana concert, but it was more intimate, like a lecture. And people there were allowed to ask her questions and she was quite sassy in her answers. Then suddenly time travel was involved, and she knew me. (I am also rewatching Lost rn) We kept being transported to different times with different lives, so she kept leaving me clues to find her Like a neon light and cherry syrup, and a magazine of one of her interviews. Anyways, hope we get COCC soo
  13. Why I believe COCC is dropping tn: She has been soooo secretive; she could have said ANY date in that vid but just said "soon" - alluding to nothing means nothing has changed shhhh its a surprise and dropping tn
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