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  1. literally sobbing to this right now just so upset that she had to go so soon.
  2. You name your babe Lilac Heaven After your iPhone 11 "Crypto forever" screams your stupid boyfriend Fuck you, Kevin
  3. To all the side chicks out there.. Just believe..
  4. Very well said. Thank you.
  5. you want a review baby u getting a review. trashy. never liked him. billie looks great, very mature very elegant. her brother.. no. oh great another side. FLOP! Met Gala 2023 "Furry convention" Ugly girl, ugly outfit, ugly shoes, ugly attitude and personality. Ugly everything. Hate kim petras and hope she breaks her ankle. 10/10 gorgeous 10/10 ageless 10/10 prob my fav look very sexy NO! Kylie... love the man hate the outfit Her and her daughter were amazing.
  6. If I don't see some chanel suits I swear..
  7. Lady Gaga has been falling off hard since the Artpop era. She had a slight rebound with Joanne, but she went back to making awful music again with Chromatica. Maybe she should stick to her Jazz music.
  8. Maltese Falcon

    Song vs. Song

    terrence loves you vs honeymoon
  9. Music to watch boys to American Lust for life Terrence Loves You Earthquakes Summertime Sadness Elvis Florida Kilos Arcadia Lolita Cherry Off to the races National Anthem
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