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  1. 10 I mean.. look at the material
  2. Monster

    Lady Gaga

    Please I hope not.. I dislike that version so much. This is brand new information to me omgg
  3. I keep forgetting that its coming next month.. so excited This She doesn't need stupid shiny awards She has us
  4. I want more stuff similar to BTD & Honeymoon
  5. Monster

    Lady Gaga

    Found one on goodwill.. in box for $80 https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/100162398 omg
  6. this thread is sending me LOL
  7. bitch what are you saying
  8. bitch what is going on..
  9. I have BTD LP BTD CD Paradise CD UV CD small poster of a image of her from the UV Era
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