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  1. If Madonna Calls - Junior Vasquez "If Mahdonnah cawls, I'm not hereuh!"
  2. weinendersoldat


    Hung up remix with that tokischa girl is.. honestly.. not that good. I miss rebel heart madonna.
  3. omg she just announced and dropped the album cover
  4. 2020: True Faith - New Order 2021: You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive 2022 so far: Sadeness - Part 1 by Enigma
  5. Junior Vasquez is a god. Nobody else can compete, I mean Offer Nissim is good but Junior>>>> His work with Madonna and other artists is so damn good.
  6. If I was mariah carey I too would believe that time is an illusion
  7. Just testing the waters. I lied. I want Born To Die/Lana Del Ray/Lizzy Grant realness. Like I need more songs that sound like playing dangerous.
  8. Kinda over the nfr/cocc/bb sound i need some honeymoon/ultraviolence realness again
  9. How is it? I thoroughly enjoyed my year of rest and relaxation
  10. Serial Killer by this singer Elizabeth Grant idk if yall have heard of her or not
  11. Hi, I'm Ayfesa, I'm 53 and from Minsk. I work at Zamok shopping mall. I am currently the most stabbed woman in all of Belarus and my husband disappear.
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