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  1. Ever since Lana announced the title of her new album ..as a non native English speaker..I wonder .. what exactly are banisters ? And why does their color matter?
  2. Doesn't it sound a bit like "Afraid"??
  3. Lana is considering herself an alternative artist . And these singles are definitely the most alternative songs I've heard from her... The general public might not care for it ..But this is a real real treat for the hardcore fans . I love it ! I'm amazed at her talent and how she keeps delivering quality .. I don't care about covers .. when I put my headphones I'm transported away.. And that's what I'm here for !!!
  4. whos willing to bet money to hear she is NOT a candle in the wind ?
  5. yaaaaassssssssss ok with that countdown i can freak out in peace :DDD
  6. are we sure nothing is coming on annie tonight ?
  7. 1. 13 Beaches - 15 2. 24 - 11 - 4. Art Deco - 12 5. Bartender - 18+ 7.Bel Air - 15
  8. White Dress: 22 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 9 Tulsa Jesus Freak: 18 Wild At Heart: 20 Dark But Just A Game: 17 Yosemite: 23
  9. Please if there is an award for favorite post on this forum, I'd like to nominate this one!!! 😂
  10. Did she say June 1st 2021??😃 Cos it could easily be 2022 :😄
  11. guys where can I buy the LP with white dress cover from ? to be delivered to Czech republic ?
  12. if u gonna buy the album (or already pre ordered it ) go for it id say
  13. Only works in NL, DE, Luxembourg and Belgium :(... But I have a stupid question.. So is the signed card actually signed by her or its a print?
  14. I just randomly found it on YT.. And it's EARGASMIC.. I couldn't find it on Spotify or soundcloud and a quick Google search led me here Where can I download or stream this amazing remix?
  15. Hi , long time lurker , first time poster . Months ago I bought 2 tickets for the show but unfortunately my +1 won't come .. Given that its a collection ticket that I will pick on the day of the concert from the box office , and its also a name ticket...There's no way I could sell it on websites like viagogo etc .. I don't want to waste it , its a regular ground floor ticket .. So pm if interested !
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