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  1. Well, she definitely picked the wrong ones. She only did a very small portion of A&W. She really should have left off The Grants in favor of Fishtail & Peppers. NFR or Bartender could have been replaced by FILY, The Greatest or Grandfather. The slow OB songs just don't work for live settings. I think if she really wanted to do a somewhat high energy/crowd pleasing song selection, this would be it: National Anthem Summertime Sadness Video Games Ride Off to the Races // Cola Young & Beautiful Summer Bummer / High By the Beach Art Deco // Salvatore // The Blackest Day Cherry The Greatest Fuck It I Love You / Cinnamon Girl White Dress Chemtrails Over The Country Club Tulsa Jesus Freak // Black Bathing Suit Thunder A&W Peppers Fishtail Taco Truck / Venice Bitch Grandfather Ocean Blvd Candy Necklace Say Yes to Heaven / = Medley // = Alternate Song Choices
  2. I’ve been wanting Flipside live ever since Blake teased the studio version of this live version in 2015 on IG only for it to never appear on tour (until now).
  3. Or some of the "singles" she has yet to perform live like Fuck It I Love You, The Greatest…even Bel Air which is like 1/3 tracks to have never been performed live out of the entirety of BTD/P.
  4. Some nice suprises on the setlist! FUCKING FLIPSIDE FINALLY!!! A lot of duds but the overall production, the renditions, and backdrop imagery have me fucking SHOOK! Lana doing costume changes…are you kidding me?! While there are still a few things I would change, it’s still such a massive improvement to her last few shows.
  5. My (wild) guess for the setlist: WHORE 1. A&W* 2. Peppers* 3. Diet Mountain Dew 4. Summer Bummer / High By the Beach 5. West Coast MARITIM Happy - Interlude 6. Cinnamon Girl 7. Fishtail* 8. Mariners Apartment Complex 9. Grandfather…* 10. The Grants* // The Greatest 11. …Tunnel under Ocean Blvd* OLD HOLLYWOOD Happy Birthday, Mr. President - Interlude 12. National Anthem 13. Lust for Life // Cola 14. Candy Necklace* 15. Video Games 16. Say Yes to Heaven** GETAWAY Ride Monologue - Interlude 17. Ride 18. Paris, Texas* 19. Brooklyn Baby 20. Taco Truck* / Venice Bitch * songs from OB / medley // alternate choice
  6. Yall complaining about Diet Mountain Dew being on the setlist can suck it. That song has been performed quite rarely by her and it’s actually fun.
  7. LMAO WW stans LOST. Omg iconic! I guess she's digging out more upbeat songs for the setlist to balance out the ballads (as expected).
  8. What’s funny is, that she still isn’t anywhere to be found on this list: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most-streamed_songs_on_Spotify Also, people like Ariana, SZA, Rihanna and Billie among others can still make the top 10 of the “most streamed artists” lists with a FRACTION of the promo or quantity of released content. Taylor literally made shit up to tear down her peers and encouraged her ratty fans to bully people she has a personal problem with. 💀 She actively tried to sabotage POC competition cause they tend to be statistically more successful in terms of streaming numbers. She's not the nice girl you’re seeing in her. WAKE THE FUCK UP.
  9. It’s Taylor Swift aka. Tracy Flick, so absolutely no surprise. It’s very informed and entirely justified but y’all aren’t ready for that conversation. 😅🙈
  10. It’s actually not but looking at your username you wouldn’t get it. 💀
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