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  1. junegloom

    Britney Spears

    Showdown (Official Instrumental)
  2. There are too many problematic artists at the moment, it’s starting to impact on my mental health.
  3. junegloom


    This is absolutely brilliant.
  4. Wow, you really did wish to talk about grimes. I’m completely lost who you’re arguing for or against, if at all. Either way, let’s all hope that Sky will take control of her empire and achieve brilliant things like artists such as Grimes.
  5. We can look at Grimes if you wish… but it wouldn’t be worth it as Grimes has released a heck of a lot in between Sky’s releases of Goodbye Lullaby and Don’t Forget; including stems and visuals!
  6. Isn’t Don’t Forget the second single with downhill lullaby being the first….. She has about a year plus to drop the video before the next single I wouldn’t worry…
  7. AURORA - The Gods We Can Touch (Deluxe) The Forbidden Fruits of Eden Everything Matters Giving In To the Love You Keep Me Crawling Heathens Exist For Love The Innocent Midas Touch Cure For Me Exhale Inhale A Temporary High The Woman I Am Artemis A Dangerous Thing Blood In the Wine The Devil is Human Potion For Love This Could Be A Dream A Little Place Called The Moon
  8. the announcement will be a make up line, watch.
  9. junegloom

    Alice Glass

    Fair Game out Wednesday…. Personally my second favourite song on the album, Love is Violence being the first. the video for Fair Game is sick also. Alice is delivering strong.
  10. junegloom

    Alice Glass

  11. junegloom

    Alice Glass

    Potentially, we’ve got to hope the album does well enough to warrant a deluxe release…. This album was supposed to be released in 2018 after all…. There’s been several scrapped releases since then. A stand alone single would be more likely.
  12. junegloom

    Alice Glass

    No leak reported, I’ve just been able to hear it. You’re in for a TREAT. Although, so many good songs cut from the album….. Lips Apart being one of them.
  13. junegloom

    Alice Glass

    The album is flipping incredible. Fair Game, Love Is Violence, witch Hunt - all 10/10
  14. I have an absolute ton of fka content. Always looking to grow my collection
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