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  1. Let's not prolong this! Go ahead and ban me.This will be like the fifth time. It's all a satanic hoax! I'm always up to be sacrificed for the greater good and die on the Matterhorn. Bye!
  2. Seriously folks that was actually Jen and she did a terrible injustice to the legacy of Lana Del Rey. I just wonder how much she was willing to pay Chuck for this make a wish opportunity. Charlie wasn't buying it either.
  3. Yes eat it up sheep that is obviously what is going on here. People have no idea or imagination do they?
  4. So nice to see LeAnn Rimes working again perhaps she can do some Lana covers next if the audition goes well and they give her the role of Lana Del Rey for the next month. They really are going out of the way with this whole simulation thing. Anyway, I don't see her tattoos in that picture and if you're looking for the one place domestically to get the mysterious Corona virus installed on your laptop Disneyland/Disneyworld is the place to go where millions of people from all around the world go and touch everything in that place. Just saying, stay away from 5G towers and wash your hands Lana or LeAnn or whoever you are, same advice for her pregnant friend Jen too who I could have sworn was there in earlier pictures in the center front of the castle and also in the second row right on the ride. Corona=Crown Castle The Magic Kingdom but maybe that is the place to go if you know it's all fear mongering and you are fresh out of Fu&^s Forever. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay my oh my what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. It's probably just me though and I'm losing my mind or something. I guess none of them could be bothered to vote yesterday for Bernie. Jesus please appear in this time and space and save us all. Amen. Church tonight anyone? Anyone?
  5. Why was Jen there made up like Lana? Looks like Jen, also in another photo she is covering her belly with a handbag and also the sweater around the waist. What is going on with these people? Where is Lana?
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