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  1. one time i was suckin my ex's dick and this song came on my shuffle and he made me stop just so he could get up and turn it off
  2. Yes because my room is in the basement and my parents stash all of the broken furniture down here do you own a book in a language you don't understand?
  3. no. I used to own one. but I literally went through a prolonged period of psychosis where I was convinced I had to follow the rules of a catholic monastic order, so I threw it out. I do own a dildo for decorative purposes though. I painted it do you own... any illegally obtained/ stolen property?
  4. I own a wii mini, which I haven't touched in years tbh. I only own 2 zelda games which I was absolutely obsessed with as a child. do you own something you're afraid of your parents finding?
  5. girl.. no do you own a piece of jewellery that you wear everyday?
  6. I know this is old news but why does BTS keep collabing with people like COLDPLAY... sia... halsey.. When they're powerful enough to be getting anyone on their tracks Megan thee stallion was great though. So was nicki minaj but they only put her on the alternate version and they barely promoted it
  7. ok im glad she confirmed what i've always assumed about the whole "rich dad" thing. people always point at his current status/worth but that doesn't necessarily reflect how she grew up
  8. no Do you own a record player?
  9. I do not. I don't think my household owns any board games other than religious education games lmao. Plus I was never good at monopoly Do you own a lighter?
  10. she remotely wiped the hard drive. so they're gone forevah
  11. first thing i thought of when i saw this thread title lmao
  12. the eating disorder girl from that one british show she's obsessed with lizzy grant and makes claims about her having been a meth addicted stripper
  13. These people are young and probably mentally ill. so I give them a pass to be foolish and annoying
  14. do you guys think lana listens to nicki minaj
  15. she's so hot i'm going to explode
  16. sexyslutboy


    it must have been taken on a polaroid
  17. no like im shaking not to be a hater but i just can't get with poetry being a fad like this
  18. Not to be a basic bitch but Titanic I love the little detail in the fact that Rose was took on the sexually active role (getting naked for the drawing was her idea, she was the one who initiated them fucking in the car). It showed that Jack loved her for the right reasons and he really did fill her soul with life energy. People call it a manic pixie dream boy trope but i really dgaf
  19. i found the exact moment where the gif is from it's at 3:55
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