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  1. Does "this week" mean within the next 7 days or before saturday
  2. im glad someone said this before i had to. i wonder what kind of mental instability it takes to be able to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY
  3. Can BTS stop with dynamite. i am so god damn tired of hearing this song. they're pulling a justin bieber yummy and are uploading a bunch of slightly different music videos to get more streams on the song, and like 15 different remixes of it. i haven't even heard of any news of an album, so it's not like they're promoting an album
  4. Randomly came across this video essay. First bit of the video draws parallels between the subject and Lanas question for the culture post. Interesting.
  5. im slowly becoming obsessed with her
  6. a lot of her songs are really emotionally effective. before getting into her it was easy to assume that her music would just be another kid making lazy "edgy" lyrics but I actually found myself invested in what she was singing in
  7. I know Billie Eilish has stated lana del rey to be one of her biggest inspirations but they are completely different and constantly seeing comments on how lana "invented" her is annoying. the only thing they have in common is that they sing about sad things, but i can name you a billion other artists who do the same billies music, in terms of both sound and lyrics, are extremely simple but they're effective. Lana is known for her work that is extremely grandiose and prose-y. completely different. they're even sort of opposites. I'm now realizing that i already posted something just like this on this thread already. but the reason it's coming back to me again is cause i've finally decided to look into billies music and it really does stand out
  8. the song isn't that interesting. it's just the music video that really makes it
  9. based on my expertise shes not the homophobic kind of upper class lady she's the "omg your gay? omg yasss heyy bestieeee" kind
  10. me pretending i understand the tattoo situation
  11. wait im still confused about the hand tattoos though
  12. waiting for the twitter stans to say the video is photoshopped
  13. exactly omg. like is no one paying attention to anything in america right now? the cops aren't gonna give a fuck about some celebrity being reckless, and even if they did it would just end in more turmoil since cops don't have the ability to provide actual support also fun fact. river pheonix was supposed to play arthur rimbaud in "total eclipse", but leo had to replace him, which we see in my profile pic xx
  14. random thought. I wonder if it was her eminem obsession that made her interested in the idea of being poor white trailer trash
  15. first her kanye moment now a lindsay lohan moment omg
  16. Lets all take a break from everything, go get yourself a glass of water, and enjoy some 1970's japanese folk jazz
  17. if you can see her mouth (and it's not plastic) its def not an effective mask
  18. oh so we're FIGHTING fighting
  19. i've been mentally dissociating her personal self with her artistic self since she was dating the cop
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