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  1. I also remember hearing that this teacher introduced her to Lolita??!? I know for a fact that relationship wasn't normal if thats true. Like someone above said, a teacher just "taking out" a student itself is way too far and is over stepping a boundary 

  2. On 9/25/2020 at 7:50 PM, TheSwaggerAndTheLips said:

    I have a speculation about Lana’s childhood/teenager years 


    but I’m keeping it to myself because it feels too invasive to even say (type) out loud. 

    but if you ask I’ll tell you 💋


    waiting .. 

  3. 2 hours ago, TheSwaggerAndTheLips said:

    not to mention her "question for the culture" was about 8 years late as well

    the thing that still gets me about the question for the culture was when she said "can i go back to - " uhm yes?? literally no one was stopping you?? you have all the freedom in the world to do it ?!!?

  4. 9 hours ago, Deadly Cruel Girl said:

    Also she has never lived on the streets, never needed to strip, was never close to prostitution, was never hungry and she's not from Brooklyn. She's from a wealthy family in New Jersey who use to go golfing with Donald Trump on Sundays. She doesn't have endometriosis and she's never had a damn miscarriage on stage or off it. She's had a handful of abortions. She's not bisexual either. She fakes that for edginess. She's basically a psychopathic liar who gives Putin a run for his money. She's so bad, she physically attacks the paps she calls. Who punches paps in the face after calling them? She does. There's video of it on YouTube last I saw. I wish someone would press charges against her especially when there's video evidence online.  




    genuinely just confused and wondering where this info on her family being wealthy is coming from

  5. On 10/5/2020 at 2:31 AM, violetsbent said:

    what’s up with all the halsey hate? i’m genuinely wondering. did she do smthn controversial? i remember loving badlands years ago and she was blowing up and was super loved. did smthn happen?? x


    she's honestly a good person and is actually unproblematic, i think she just has a personality that people find easy to hate. a lot of her interviews come off as very pretentious when she talks about the importance and significance of her work when in reality its just radio music 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Socrates said:

    The guy who called Lana an idiot was trying to run me off this board because I said Lana looks great. 


    i don't know what this situation was, but considering one time you just straight up told someone to K word themselves, i don't think you're playing the situation out correctly here 

  7. 51 minutes ago, Oshawott said:


    You mean aside from her album underperforming? She had a pseudo-meltdown on Twitter because of Perez Hilton, made a lot of other controversial Twitter posts when she released DWUW, worked with R. Kelly and another accused paedophile on said song and music video, allowed herself to be vomited on while performing, got rid of her management halfway through the album campaign, etc. The list is too long and I forget some of the other details.


    By the way. it's just worth mentioning that r.kelly was never just an accused pedo, he always definetely was. the sex tape was always out there

  8. 6 minutes ago, Amadeus said:



    this just proves my point which i've voiced over her poetry when she just started out: she's not as skilled as she thinks she is. the way she wrote them on a typewriter and like.. generally seemed to care more about the aesthetic of this all always rubbed me the way that we're going to get this pumped up balloon of pretentiousness without the actual substance of a writer and not just as in the content of the poems but also in the skill-full delivery of stories or images.




    this reminds me of another comment i read somewhere on here. someone jabbing at how she acts like some bohemian rockstar who lives and dies for touring and making art, and yet most of her live shows are lazy 

  9. I don't have time right now to read the whole thing but i really like this piece so far. I like how they pick apart her influences and what devices she uses and it makes me happy to see since it's sort of rare to find people give lana the time of day for that sort of stuff.


    I also agree with the point about a lot of lines, specifically the "they say i come from money but i didn't" are too self indulgent. It's one of my biggest problems with violet. Poetry is inheriently self-centred, but what makes allen ginsberg and walt whitman good poets is how universal the language begins to feel. Lines like "people always accuse me of being rich but im not i swear!!" and "im funny when i drink (btw i swear ive been sober for 7 years)" are just plain uninteresting at best.

    They might be good topics for her to continue further on and delve into, but when she just puts lines in it like that it ruins the flow and makes violet harder to enjoy

  10. 20 minutes ago, lizyyygrant said:

    You know what, I said this in the unpopular opinions thread one time and ima say it again: I truly don’t think Lana was the one who came up with the sound that made her what she is today. I think it was the producers on the album. I say this bcus of the type of music she made beforehand, and the type of music the producers she worked with had worked on before, which were hip hop and pop. Listening to all of Lana’s unreleased in order, you could see hints as you go along of her cultivating her sound that would later be the sound of her lizzy grant record. But I can’t say this for BTD. I can’t see how she jumped from that sound to BTD’s sound on her own. And keep it in mind, I’m not at all condemning her for this, nor do I think this makes her less influential. This is just something I think, and I don’t really hold an opinion of it cus it is what it is.


    I don't disagree with what you said about there being too big of a jump between her independant works and the overall sounf BTD, but it doesn't make it any less her. imo part of your own art is made up of what you appreciate and thrive in even if it isn't your own pure creation. BTD could be contrived by her record label wanting to push an image, but it could also be an extension of herself that she finds herself comfortably embodying 

  11. I've been wondering why having dark hair is so significant to her. She mentioned it in black beauty, and then again years later in behind the iron gates

    9 hours ago, TheSwaggerAndTheLips said:

    Lana and Lorde at the same party hm, wonder if they talked


    the "indie singers" she mentioned in her question for the culture post had to have been lorde right?

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