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  1. i'm just confused why her roots are darker despite blonde being her natural colour
  2. ur right but her surgeries and everything is understandable for her to compete in an industry where most women do that same
  3. theres no way a song with the line "kanye west is blonde and gone" isn't political
  4. it helps with the appearance of aging. if it weren't for this selfie being in the direct sunlight it would probably be easier to tell
  5. idk where it came from. but the idea is floating around the internet and i'm looking at a thread on reddit from 2014 who claims its jennifer lawrence and chuck also i think it came up cause someone said Lana is the type of girl who would agree to have a threesome with her sister if her man asked
  6. y'all say it everytime your mad. it doesn't work
  7. does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the guys shes dated in order, cause i swear everyday i hear the name of a guy i've never heard about
  8. thats what i heard too in some articles but the lana fan wiki captions it as lana and chuck, and considering that wiki knows every picture of lana down to the exact date i have a feeling they know better
  9. stans mad stans mad
  10. It was literally a statement by interscope. It starts out with "We". And you're right i'm never gonna be satisfied, she once again proved herself to not give a shit about black people like 2 weeks ago and no statement or post she puts up is gonna consolidate the person she is. What she needs is to change as a person, and the signs will show over time and be obvious.
  11. no she didn't. her management did
  12. i know people who have disrespected black people everyday of their life and then go to the protest and post it on social media to prove how not-racist they are
  13. snoop dogg is black. lana is a white woman who consistenly has shown she doesn't give a fuck about poc
  14. inside i just know she's going "WILL THE N****** LEAVE ME ALONE NOW!?????" with each blm post
  15. damn her hair dressers racist too edit: nvm i think i revoke this statement
  16. exhibit a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvVgzOwtTGY&t=4s exhibit b https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whm_KfO7Mac
  17. me I can't believe like 6 of y'all read "she can't be racist she collabed with a black person!!" and thought that was it. y'all are as ignorant as lana bye
  18. But she hasn't changed. The last time she showed the racially insensitive, person she is that's unwilling to listen to the voices of POC was like a week ago. I'll await the day she does though
  19. Racism isn't just people going "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE", it's subtle. Racists always swear to god they're not racists. You need to be discerning and look at someones consistent behavior to be able to tell, and that entire instagram letter, not caring that she may have been insensitive and just got mad at the accusation of being racist, dating a cop and then saying he's one of the good ones, saying you're just "in the middle" politically, suddenly acting hood and saying "im gonna fuck you up" to a black woman for criticizing her activism, acting like the most noteworthy issue in all of this is the looting, and so much more, is just shit that racist people do. tbh i'm not asking anything of her. she can post all she wants about BLM but it's not gonna change that she's consistently proved she has no grasp on race issues in america. when someones simply not-racist, you don't need to ask them to post things to prove how not-racist they are, it would just be obvious.
  20. I've been out of the loop on Marina for a pretty long time. does anyone mind summarizing why people always call her fake woke? like what has she done/said?
  21. I'm not talking just about lana btw, i've been seeing this with people in my personal life too. but if you see someone who isn't being vocal about anything else in the situation EXCEPT or the looting, you just have to assume that mf is racist. when i see it, in my head i do "there is a deep ingrained history of black men, women and children being killed (and even worse!), peaceful protesters are being beaten, shoved, physically thrown, gassed, even children, but the biggest problem you see is they're stealing??" it's not just about her social media. it's about her as a person, she doesn't need people to tell he what and what not to post, she needs people to educate her
  22. omg i just realized that video of george floyd she posted was about the looting. i can't. i was glad she at least starting doing something about the protests but this??? i can't ....
  23. people think shes over? shes never gonna be over. cause she built her entire brand on being problematic. if she was gonna be cancelled it was gonna be back in 2012 when she sang like 3 pedophile songs. her core audience is too strong
  24. NEWS FLASH: This isn't a disney movie. Yes you do choose who you form a relationship with. The kind of people you CHOOSE to surround yourself and support with says everything about you. A person with a thorough understandng of whats wrong with the policing institution and how rutheless and unjust it is doesn't just start dating a cop. ACAB
  25. as much as i'd like to believe that big change is coming, protests exactly like these happened when treyvon martin died and there was no big sustained change in america
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