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  1. the latter. although being hospitalized for mental health issues is pretty common, 90 days is a really long time. so maybe it's a mix of both. poetic inventions using a little bit of reality as inspiration
  2. replies to the tweet asking for the album
  3. sexyslutboy

    Zebra Katz

    Am I seeing things or is there no thread on him already? I'm really surprised to see how unrecognized he is. Super underrated rapper from Florida. His music uses a lot of elements gay african american ballroom culture and I really wanna see him find main stream success one day. Azealia Banks did a cover of his song "Ima Read" on Fantasea. Would definitely recommend him if you're into hyper pop
  4. i love promo/interviews like this. it kind of reminds me of this margot robbie video
  5. since this entire video is so contrived and performative, i'm tempted to believe this (along with everything else in the video) is something we'll be hearing more about on cocc. just like any other form of art or a poem, every line is there for a reason
  6. Someone on LB mentioned to me that apperantly she used to refuse doing interviews unless they agreed to putting a vintage filter on it, is that true?
  7. I was literally in the middle of writing poetry when I saw this video and it made me so happy because the way this is visually presented reminded me of the kind of life i've always wanted to live and the person i wanna be. i know its supposed to be sort of absurd and be a display of insanity but i really feel like it perfectly conveyed the sort of isolation that is a result of just being so dedicated to your work
  8. There is animalism in the soul, and the body has its moments of spirituality From the picture of Dorian Gray
  10. this is what i've been saying. if she was a feminist it would have been easy to just say it. based on the context of the whole post i feel like "i'm not not a feminist but feminism needs space for me" is just sort of a way of saying "i'm not a feminist but i want feminists to support me"
  11. guess i've just opened my third eye and been enlightened on a dimensional level too high for you guys
  12. speaking of which, i feel like American, Cola, Lucky ones, and Diet mountain dew are pretty much the same song
  13. when i first had my born to die phase i used to love it. but looking back at it it's one of those songs that make me understand why people found BTD boring. its the same story i feel like several songs in the record was trying to portray. it feels like it was written very quickly
  14. just found out lana doesn't use grindr. no one talk to me
  15. Is there a thread somewhere on here for people who write songs/ poetry/produce music?
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