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  1. You're right except for the fact i'm pretty sure she hasn't even given halsey the dignity of being publicly mentioned by her but anyways, yeah. people act like theres some kind of secret drama that went on between her and gaga (i.e maybe gaga backstabbed her) but to me its always been pretty obvious that lanas just mad that her own colleague is extremely successful and she isn't the fact that lana recreated a rape scene in a video with him omg..
  2. i feel like there are just people with minds that are more organized/diligent and people who are more messy, kind of like the difference between left and right brains
  3. i am not the voice of reason that this thread needs, but the voice of reason this thread deserves
  4. plot twist: they're gonna film a high budget video, only to cover it with that grain filter for the shitty iphone aesthetic affect
  5. on an unrelated note: as much as i can't stand the woke behaviour, to be human is such a powerful song i still feel like crying every time i get to the bridge
  6. i know theyre just collaborating with american celebrities to have more international fame but they could have at least picked a relevant artist
  7. i don't know anything about this twitch shit. why did she say can't say "hyper rpg"?
  8. ??? i thought manson was just making disrespectful comments about what he thinks fucking her would be like
  9. everyone whos profile pic is that one photoshopped pic of lana taking a selfie in hell or that one of an explosion behind her ends up being annoying af
  10. i just think its weird considering how well known she is, she's basically a household name and yet even during BTD she barely did interviews
  11. So i have this thing where i binge watch singers video interviews and i've noticed that Lana has significantly less than pretty much anyone else? Even celebrities that are on the same level of fame, or even lesser than Lana seem to have more interviews than her. Is there a reason for that, or is it just that this style of promotion has become much more popular since everything is so focused towards social media now compared to when Lana debuted?
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  13. sexyslutboy

    Dua Lipa

    ever since wendy williams called her dula peep i have a hard time remembering what her actual name is
  14. i never understand questions like this cause it just depends on what side of twitter you're on??
  15. I stopped going on this thread cause the song title abbreviations started giving me a headache trying to figure out
  16. bts comeback single. yawn.
  17. yet another day of hearing "blue eye rain drops" in old money instead of blue hydrangeas
  18. thick thighs save lives
  19. this costco post has got to be some kind of satire too advanced for me to understand
  20. oh good im glad we're on the same page here about tiktok stans
  21. sexyslutboy

    Azealia Banks

    i never have nor will i ever make excuses for the ways she's been toxic. just cause it doesn't stifle the connection i feel i have for her doesn't mean i think its ok Anyways, she updated her story
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