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  1. wasn't the original concept for cocc also astrology-inspired? (according to honeymounz)
  2. i don't think we'll hear anything from the album this year...
  3. that would be qftc...
  4. the leaker said this and fingertips have different lengths... so different songs or different versions at least
  5. if this person has access to her phone probably not even her finances are safe !!! now that's fucked up
  6. oh she was 100% contacted by them and by the way she talked it's like a lot things are leaking in full which is not the case (7 seconds snippets with cassie from euphoria screaming over it, i mean c'mon) the robber probably threatened her saying they are going to leak it
  7. or lanaboards or that one site that rhymes with debris...
  8. my heart dropped to my stomach watching the videos.... i can only imagine having countless hours of effort put into something having been taken away from you like that... as for the leaks i do think she is being blackmailed and thinks the stuff is being leaked even though it haven't happened yet... that's so scary and disheartening 💔
  9. i agree that's the case but how about the other leaks? where they going around already?
  10. top 10 unreleased lana for sure
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