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  1. Boy From Town

    Yung Lean

    Omg Poison Ivy aged so perfectly Also film premiere tommorow. In Europe, Russia, Australia and NZ. https://inmyheadfilm.com/
  2. Boy From Town


    idk why i thought bawdy will stand for "baddie" loved the rap in Leng, she's like BB's sister
  3. Boy From Town

    Yung Lean

    a whole ass documentary premiering in cinema, wow was this announced beforehand? also yeah it is very emotional, like as emo as his quarantine live perfomance I actually was hoping for more visuals this era, because remember when he posted on twitter like every song from the album with a short clip, but if we don't get any it's also fine, outta my head mv was amazing
  4. Boy From Town

    Allie X

    it has purge (voice memo version)
  5. i hate to be that person but can somebody post rager teenager voice memo pls
  6. the drops in Wanted and I Could Die are so out of this world
  7. Boy From Town

    Charli XCX

    10. Emotional 9. Miss U 8. Babygirl feat Uffie 7. Vroom vroom 6. Bricks with Tommy Genesis 5. Porsche feat MØ 4. visions 3. Thoughts (Live from Austin) 2. Don't delete the kisses triple j version (is on cd so technically released, idc it's beautiful 1. forever
  8. Boy From Town

    Charli XCX

    Purpose is too good to stay unreleased forever, i hope she will re-release charli or smth
  9. Boy From Town


    Flo Milli and Lily Allen collab is fire i’m so glad i found this thread, excited for her debut
  10. Boy From Town

    Charli XCX

    i only could find a pic of him with ag and danny on ig, it won’t embed so i pmed it to you
  11. Boy From Town

    Charli XCX

    Atelier cologne live >>>>> Tidal venues live
  12. Oof i’m in love with Big Little Lies soundtrack this fall. It’s the best thing ever also loving this thread sm
  13. Also Need Ya from above aka clown shit was just released?
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