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  1. willfoshizzle


    “Give it 2 me” is one of my favorite songs of hers ever
  2. Britney sending a cease and desist to Jamie Lynn WORK BITCH!!!!!
  3. willfoshizzle

    Hilary Duff

    Hilary said she’s playing around in the studio with her husband! Come on girl, give us something soon!!!!!
  4. And Jamie Lynn really out here trying to make us feel bad for her!!! Such trash
  5. willfoshizzle


    i live for "dear father" & "you are the one"
  6. willfoshizzle


    beautiful killer, i fucked up + best friend should of been on the standard
  7. willfoshizzle


    Imagine she remastered the rain tapes and put that on streaming
  8. willfoshizzle


    I love “love spent”
  9. i hate that sexin u sounds unfinished yet i cant stop listening to it sooooo catchy
  10. everybody knows that i want your love
  11. I don’t think any human being celebrity or not, should get death threats. Jamie’s family and daughters don’t deserve that. but, don’t blame Britney for this. YOU went on tv, YOU said those things, YOUR selling a book with a bait title. Jamie Lynn does have a right to use her voice but maybe she should read the room a little? Maybe her book could of waited? Maybe it’s time to let Britney talk? Jamie Lynn wasn’t the one being silenced for 13 years…..
  12. willfoshizzle

    Hilary Duff

    New H duff music please
  13. willfoshizzle

    Lily Allen

    Where is party line
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