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  1. Wonder if anything on COCC ties in? COCC "I'm on the run with you, my sweet love" "Meet you for coffee at the elementary schools" (genius speculates this could be about AA meetings...) "(You're born in December and I'm born in June)" Dance Till We Die Talks about dancing w/ someone ('babe') around October 2019 Not All Who Wander Are Lost "You say you got my name on your tattoo" "You talk to people like I do" (celebrity?) "Bible on your tattoo" (Guy with a bible verse tattoo?) Wild at Heart "I love you lots like polka dots" (basically the same line is in Put The Radio On) "You're killing me, John" Tulsa Jesus Freak "You should stay real close to Jesus Keep that bottle at your hand, my man Find your way back to my bed again Sing me like a Bible hymn" Alcoholism, Jesus, Bible hymn/verses again "Could I come back to the ranch, baby?" White Dress "I was a waitress working the night shift You were my man, felt like I got this"
  2. Her dress looks great but I can't believe she had a hair/eyelash stuck to her cheek in almost every carpet photo and no one told her https://ibb.co/MgYDxWW
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