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    Kylie Minogue

    @BartenderDeco and their sister rn:
  2. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    the aesthetic went from cool rich NYC socialite with a beach house to a frumpy Hollister advertisement lol
  3. Mer

    Kylie Minogue

    I don't think this music was meant to be listened to sober, bc it's just laughably cringe...I'll try again when I'm drunk
  4. Omg Elle your dress is so "Candy for my eyes, in my veins your run citrus" coded
  5. That's def a Chanel extrait/parfum in that bag. I wonder which she bought!? She's always had amazing taste in fragrances
  6. I feel like her producers/team are still doing file sharing via email/cloud—and not doing what other artists switched to, with physically couriering encrypted drives to producers and other execs (see: Madonna after the RH mass leak).
  7. Mer

    Taylor Swift

    Suburban Legends sounds like a fan-made Ultraviolence track title
  8. Honestly I find "Americana" to be one of the vaguest terms used in music today. The term itself simply means "things associated with the culture and history of America", which could be anything from country to psychedelic pop/rock to folk. Even on this forum we can't agree which Lana album thus far as been the most "Americana" (personally, I think it's NFR! or Chemtrails; but a strong case could be made for BTD or UV).
  9. “Lana Del Rey Forgives Us” got me bleary eyed I wish 2013 Lana could’ve seen this. She deserved the world
  10. I will literally never forget where I was walking, in September 2018, where the lyrics "so, kiss the sky and whisper to Jesus" hit me the hardest, and suddenly, I felt strangely calm. Something in my psyche clicked at that moment, ISTG. This song has brought me comfort ever since--it is almost a mantra for me at this point; something that is both a stabilizer and a propeller for me to feel in control.
  11. 8 years ago i was in high school, and Lana Del Rey owes me financial compensation (or a red vinyl re-press) for making me want to start smoking pot at age 15.
  12. I mean I think there’s a reason to be hopeful, but that Dutch site isn’t it. So far, both represses we got were a lot more valuable to fans than the lime green NFR; so maybe her team changed their mind to only doing the rarest/most coveted pressings—a category which the red Honeymoon vinyl would fall squarely in.
  13. Any movement on her stores yet, @hotshot2am?
  14. idk tbh I’d be annoyed that she cut Mariners over Summertime. I consider that to be her magnum opus, and would be devastated if it was on the written set list but skipped at my show.
  15. Just for clarities sake (and bc rob isn’t a dependable streamer ): did she perform the entire set list (posted on this thread by @Elle) from Nature Boy through Did you know?
  16. what did the cat think about the rest of the show?
  17. girlie doesn’t care that the other pop stars are doing 3 hour shows. She came, she charged $200 for a jacket, she left. An icon
  18. Rob telling Lana to sing a Get Free-Change-Heroin medley after reading that user @JonBatisteInterlude on lanaboards has fallen asleep
  19. I think it was a soundcheck? She said something about getting her sound right
  20. It’s so sweet how much more comfortable she seems now than she did during the first show in Brazil I think the fans have really helped her get back into the touring groove
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