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  1. If a loved one died and your first instinct is to seek solace in a woman you’ve never met, you should probably get help.
  2. I hope. We see these uprisings almost annually with no impact at all. Easy to lose hope.
  3. Mass protests across the country. Could this finally be it? I’m hopeful but don’t want to get ahead of myself.
  4. -2021: Gold Rush -2020: illicit affairs -2019: Mariners Apartment Complex
  5. My point is it is not your place to tell Iranians what they want. I would take regime change (and btw, I said "influence", not "American lead") over what is currently happening in the country I so wish I could proudly have lived in. I am not suggesting that American soldiers helicopter in and hand out guns, but even just a bit of economic pressure and media scrutiny from the West could create a ripple effect that finally allows one of the many protests in the last 5 years to really take off. When was the last time a story like this was even mentioned in a visible way in Western news? That is a large part of the problem, you have to go searching for these stories. There is not enough pressure put on the govt from outside sources to rile up the protest inside Iran (which there were during the lead up to the 1979 revolution, with some ridiculous and false narratives that the Shah had his food flown in from Paris via Concorde and that the Empress bathed in milk). I'm also keenly aware that without a Pro-American Regime in Iran, the alternative is a Pro-China and Pro-Russia regime which would be disastrous for the Iranian people and the world. Yes the overthrow of Mossadegh was a mistake and the beginning of the end for Iran, but it would be foolish to think that The Shah's government would be worse than the current one.
  6. Do not use "we" if you are an American with no family living in Iran. There is no "we" and you do not speak for us.
  7. not at all. it's the backwards laws and definitions in Iran of these terms that confuse people. In a country like Iran, a "human trafficker" helping smuggle people out of the country is probably doing more good than any politician. Same with how an "enemy of the state" is usually just someone who's non-muslim. That said, unfortunately, even if what these two did were "good" in our eyes, I really don't see them appealing their case. Sadly, I think unless something dramatic happens, the story is already over.
  8. um. they're calling them a "human trafficker" bc they were helping other LGBTQ youth escape Iran to Turkey. I think that's pretty clear. Revolutionary Guards said that a “leader” of a human trafficking network “involved in smuggling Iranian girls and women” to neighboring countries and directing them to homosexual groups under “protection of [foreign] intelligence agencies” It's very clear to me what's happening here.
  9. Regime change is needed. I cannot believe the democrats are willing to legitimize this backwards, hateful, theocracy by bringing them to the negotiation table. The Americans and the Brits started this mess, and they need to use their influence to change it.
  10. Mer

    Music for Autumn

    Albums: - COTCC - Red TV - Evermore - Punisher - Daddy's Home - Listen Without Prejudice - Lost On You
  11. That’s skirting around your initial comment wondering “how she’s different from trump and Putin” but whatever. I’m done. This is beyond.
  12. Are you for real? How are Putin and Trump (and their supporters) different from a constitutional monarch with no real powers and the people who liked her? It's different in that QEII was a figurehead. Sure she may have been a figurehead of a complicated institution, but did she declare war on anyone? Threaten to launch nukes at anyone? She did not, in her 70 years on the throne, even make a public statement supporting or defying a single political event. She was the closest thing to a totally neutral head of state the world has seen in 70-odd years.
  13. Sorry, but I don't think anyone here cares about whether her death is significant to you or not. Keep it to yourself and let people mourn without belittling them. That's all I'm going to say on this matter because I think it's disrespectful to turn the thread into a fight.
  14. I've always hated what-aboutism. Especially when it comes to death. What are you trying to accomplish?
  15. From Churchill to Truss. Want an incredible reign. She was there for so many world events it's almost unbelievable.
  16. Summer Crossing by Truman Capote
  17. Imagine the dragging that would ensue if she covered a Queen song.
  18. I don’t believe it’s a font effect (though you may be able to replicate it with one). Looks like a custom object.
  19. Mer

    Important Note

    ohhhhhhh dat. Thnx
  20. Mer

    Important Note

    We had a s*** thread?!?!??
  21. Mer

    Important Note

    Not whiny at all. I take internet security extremely seriously, to the point where I deleted a status last night bc someone could’ve reverse image searched the photo and discovered my current city. It is a violation in every sense of the word. In terms of how they could get your phone number, was it ever connected to a social account you had? Or even a PayPal account (since I know some of us have paid you via PayPal for supporters and ad free—but then again I highly doubt someone who paid to support the site would also want to trick you into taking it down. I hope not anyways)? I’m so sorry you had to go thru this and if you ever need support pls let any of us know.
  22. Mer

    Important Note

    They didn’t know how to take down the site, they tricked Elle into doing it. It’s also hard to spoof text, espc if it was iMessage.
  23. Mer

    Important Note

    Share the phone number. Or at least, the area code.
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