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  1. u cannot tell me that a woman who walked around with a cracked iphone 6+ for years knows how to private her account in milliseconds - how the hell did i miss honeymoon again <</3
  2. i understand that it’s sad that she’s “leaving” socials as it’s a way we connect with her but why r people punching the air so hard? she’s a grown woman, let her live out her troubled poet phase x (plus she’ll come back with some cryptic post in a few months)
  3. no but what if the album cover is actually clapped,, like that WILL be the biggest downfall in the lanaverse
  4. lana’s ability to just pop out her jacked iphone 6 and take pictures like that never ceases to amaze me
  5. omg busty lana comeback :’)
  6. knowing lana, her idea of revenge is a piano ballad with some extra harmonies
  7. i think it is time u put the phone down and go take a walk outside x
  8. jesus i haven’t even placed my ldrvillage order for cocc merch
  9. i think the editing was quite chunky at times (reminded me of that bollywood show meme) and the extras in masks were unnecessary. other than that, it's beautiful <3
  10. this record feels like she's finally coming full circle. i feel like this record is her truest form and hopefully will break away that image of "daddy's coke princess" many younger fans seem to have.
  11. it's that forgettable that u popped onto lanaboards, made an account, navigated the website and then posted "forgettable record" ? ok x
  12. i don’t want to run my mouth about someone else’s relationship but i will. supposedly she’s daring him, but why? she knows it will cause a stir and ruin her reputation even more so i genuinely want to know why would she go back to that?
  13. i’d hope lana isn’t with the cop because .. yikes.
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