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  1. Yeah that's it Okay thank you
  2. I'm just wondering, does anyone know why she doesn't sing the verse in The Grants live? I can see her miming the words but notice she never sings them? Thanks
  3. I think it immediately reminds me of Jim Jones preaching which is why I don't like it It's the only track on the album I tend to skip, even though I really like the instrumentals in the background
  4. hi guys, is there anywhere that is still selling the signed cd or art cards please? Thank you for any help
  5. I can't find any information at all on the ldrvillage site for things like delivery information and sizing etc they aren't very speedy with processing orders or dispatching items. I really feel their customer service is severely lacking. I honestly feel really lost and disappointed with that website after they have just stopped responding to me when I asked to change something , and reading the comments on here I'm not feeling very hopeful
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