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  1. I think it also sounds like “Lunatics”, I think we dogged a bullet honestly lol
  2. she invented upside down text generators, I have the evidence
  3. I really want a Betty Boop Boop one. I think out of her entire career’s collection of songs, it’s the most lyrically complex in addition to having the most understated melodic harmony between her vocals and the instrumentals. It is absolutely stunning - so this is the only valid option on this thread. There is absolutely nothing like Betty Boop Boop, nothing like it https://youtube.com/shorts/NFTV5k8Wv2w?feature=share
  4. I’d cry & exile myself for a week if I woke up to this response, but there is so much truth in it lol Almost all of us engage in some form of privacy invasion every time we hop on this site, but it’s all about the range to which we extend our ethics onto the material
  5. I bet it’s the person with the snippets 😭
  6. Idk who were catching, but we’re going to catch the roach who did that eventually
  7. They went from designs people complained about to finally asking fans for design submissions - A big slay into the future~
  8. I mean, it’s up to you! It would just make those photos harder to find and spread (The other person who worked on that page spoke to me as well; I don’t think they removed their portion lol). But anyways, there are definitely worse photos and audio from Lana’s early career that are still unleaked - it might just be more important to keep an eye on those 💀
  9. I have all of her GO! Fordham pictures dated as well 😭 - I personally think all attempts should be made to take them down, as Lana implied that with her comment under @honeydelgrant ‘s post, but what can we do 💀
  10. Kill Kill EP interview was likely taken on December 3rd, 2008 and possibly, if not likely, filmed by Mike Mizrahi Also adding a few images for her 2009 Blurt Mag. interview below from an eBay listing:
  11. Kalae didn’t save anything from her time with Lana (can you guess why lol), but I wouldn’t expect anything immediately from PS (also, @/Reputation was the one who sent her the message - I just gave him my question to ask her as PS isn’t very friendly towards Lana fans)
  12. I will say, the only reasons why those 2 remixes of Hundred Dollar Bill and Diet Mtn Dew (I believe these are the only remixes with Kalae) didn’t release is because of what happened at Lana’s showcase at the Highline Ballroom. I was told so many people came up to see Lana, only to find out she was essentially “bad at singing live” & many turned their interest over to Kalae after the show - they never spoke to each other again. If those 2 remixes were to come out, I’m not so sure what Kalae would think about them - I mean, it would feel pretty shitty to be blamed for someone’s performance-gone-bad but… 💀
  13. I’m too lazy - but if you go to @/thatvenicebitch’s IG story, you can see Sean’s response to Ricky in 2019 and a cluster of his wishes for Lana’s dancers to be deported
  14. Remember, if the support system in your life is failing you and is enabling this kind of behavior, calling 988 or the dozens of hotlines available at your fingertips is a very valid and safe option 😭 Going to a celebrity for counseling should not be the first line of defense - it is exotic and abnormal 💀
  15. I think it’s time for her to hit that block button… we really don’t want the next Rebecca Schaeffer. He has gone too far for too long, without any repercussions. I thought he was also a member here on LB? Or at least is in contact with someone who shares ss from here…
  16. An option to remove specific, unwanted followers from your account 🥲
  17. I think the top 2 might actually be from 2000; a Lake Placid archivist on Facebook put another pic from the same day as "LPHS 2000. Prom" - who knows lol
  18. The way she came back to IG to delete this repost & replace it with a new post 😭
  19. Remember when he got this: Or the strangers from Twitter waiting for Lana outside of a funeral service
  20. Lisandro just woke me up for this lol - Her old Fordham teacher, Mark Naison, just posted this an hour ago "New" 2000s Lana performance (Brooklyn African American History Project) vids lurking somewhere; it would be interesting to see if they pop up sometime this year... wouldn't want to bug those two, but I think its definitely something to keep an eye out for in the future
  21. Please keep them away from me, they are a danger to the world that I have created for myself❤️
  22. Stop talking about me please - I might pursue a lawsuit if you continue with this sporadic and unconfined behavior of yours ❤️ think back and edit your comment now to one that supports acting wild (kidding lol)
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