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  1. An edit - if you overlap the one that @Poppers posted above, the shadows, her nose, and jawline match up perfectly. Also the hand positioning is a bit whack lol
  2. Also regarding PS’s story times, she’s retold the same general scenario on 4 different occasions this year alone - we literally drained her out of most of her material from her time with Lana 😭 Although hearing the same story has gotten old, I’ll still be eating up every time she talks about LDR lmao
  3. Only coming back for this - she did not need to serve this hard with the throwback
  4. Time for me to remove my pfp & dip out lol But is that why an extra 2000 people visited my stories 😭
  5. also her laptop background - please Can't find the original image, but its a 1980s Precious Moments art piece by Samuel J. Butcher
  6. I can’t even imagine how long that must’ve took to insert all of those into one post @Elle Omg 😭😭😭
  7. Didn't feel like making another topic for this, but Patrick Hoelck is selling a pic collage for $5000 on IG currently with what seems to include a single LDR 2012 pic of his lol
  8. Anyone know where to get the signed stuff he mentioned in his IG post? I don’t think this site looks very trustworthy 💀 https://www.bravado.de/p51-i0602455478696/rob-grant/lost-at-sea/index.html
  9. I think the album is separated by Apple Music’s feature of Work and Movement, which is basically used to organize/ sort orchestral works (I tried doing the same to organize LDR’s unreleased songs).
  10. Tape measureeeee the way I rushed over to the site, knowing I had no money for that jacket lmao
  11. It’s the crazy a** colored pic in the middle with her hands up in the air, but without the text/ MySpace pop ups over it - I’ll send it to you a later today!!!
  12. Random, but the Lana Apple Photobooth pic in the back center is one of my favorites lol - had to scrap the unobstructed version from a random person’s archived MySpace page last year
  13. Not the “I know this offensive, but I really want to say it *” statement to soften the blow 😭
  14. You’re getting what’s coming to you soon, just you wait for the cards up my sleeve
  15. @That Venice Bitch you said you would ban me for slaying too hard, for no reason - are you going to hold up that promise?
  16. Not me getting hot flashes when seeing that fan’s IG handle everywhere today - I’ll be in the ER by the end of the night
  17. The way I ended up here- N e ways -don't forget me like the tunnel under ocean boulevard
  18. Betty boop boop is one of the, if not her most lyrically complex and innovative songs that she has released throughout her entire career. You are just very jealous that it outcompetes every record she has put out & secretly want it released on an album - the slay cannot be handled
  19. As an unofficial <2010 Lana archivist, I can confirm this is true - I have documents showcasing that she used to do this at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in a lobster suit
  20. We’ll see if Charlie’s Christmas party tomorrow will change anything, as Princess Superstar is performing there & the question is fresh in her mind (as of literally 2 days ago).
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