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  1. I hope us U.K. people get the picture disk... maybe it’ll be Tesco exclusive (lol)
  2. The mods keep moving stuff that shouldn’t be moved I s2g
  3. Since when is 35 almost in a persons 40s? Also I don’t think what you’re saying is true at all
  4. What is the instrumentation like throughout if you wouldn’t mind sharing
  5. On a related note I’m so glad summertime sadness remix was recent banished
  6. No MAC slander. Let’s hear your favourite songs of lanas then we can talk. Come on
  7. Well technically that was about 20 seconds so we don’t really know what it’s gonna be like
  8. How the fuck are yall making dream set lists when we’ve heard 2 songs
  9. How the fuck are yall making dream set lists when we’ve heard 2 songs
  10. Let’s not bad mouth Patty here. We don’t know what went down between her and Lana we just know there relationship isn’t good.
  11. Touring wasn’t part of the question. Think of maternity leave in a 9-5 job, it can be up to a year which isn’t that long. Plus that’s in a 9-5 job
  12. But when you think about it, how much would getting married or having a child stop a person from making an album
  13. People say this every time but I’ve come to realise she just doesn’t ever wait that long between albums. I’m almost 100% sure her next album will be 2022
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