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  1. Also I would love to hear more singing like she does on the bridge! It’s a voice that’s great but she doesn’t use it much at all. I love her soft voice but this is so nice too
  2. Thank god I’m out of jail for post-release! My thirst for COCC put me in jail. Dance till you die is under appreciated!
  3. This isn’t true, our cases are down to like 4000 a day when at one point they were 50,000 a day. Plus only 50 people died yesterday, the end is in sight.
  4. Please someone help me find it!! Even a hint. I am desperate. this is NOT me asking for a link. Mod note: User has been warned and put on mod queue for asking where to find leaked material.
  5. It’s probably what in the U.K. we would call ‘fraud by false representation’. Of course we would most likely have a law on it as U.K. regulations tend to be more strict than Us ones
  6. She is selling it on its own, click merch section on her store
  7. I heard young Americans era Bowie straight away too. Kinda reminds me of ashes to ashes too
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