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  1. I think I’ll assume slow... feel like if it’s fast these days we can usually expect hip hop influence which is ashame
  2. How the fuck did violets overshadow critically acclaimed NFR? 😳 People talk some shit on here. My God
  3. The facts are all that matter to me. Not the endless scaremongering by the media.
  4. Educate yourself, that number is 0000000.1%. By your flawed logic people heathy shouldn’t go outside every winter cause of the flu.
  5. But that’s irrelevant this was in response to someone telling Lana to stay safe... She’ll be fine regardless
  6. Where have you been? People who are 35 with no underlying health conditions are not dying of COVID??
  7. .... she’s not gonna catch corona and die... she’s 35 with no underlying health conditions
  8. This is all speculative... you have no idea if her managers know / decide, or if her label moves it around, or if Lana decides.
  9. Lmao lanas career doesn’t need saving, all albums even ones as low-key as honeymoon have been pretty successful, she sells out gigs. She’s fine
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