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  1. Sonically, I think Sweet will sound like Lana’s cover of You Must Love Me maybe with some Love-song-esque lyricism sprinkled in!
  2. Only picking one for my sanity -BTD -Ride -Is This Happiness -Terrence Loves You -Get Free -hope -White Dress -WFWF
  3. If the boxset goes on sale tomorrow, for instance, about how long until it sells out? I don’t get paid until, like..Wednesday or Friday, and this will be my first pre-release purchase (hopefully lol)
  4. “but you know I’d stand on the corner embarrassed with a picket sign” is seriously one of my favorite lyrics ever
  5. This is how I feel as well. I mean, creating a completely new record itself is a lot of work, and I know if I were her and had been in the industry that long, I’d probably just want to chill and make art without the excess promotional aspect as well. I totally get why people love the visuals/tours/etc, but I think it’s also important to remember she’s human as well. At this point, she doesn’t really need promotion, and she’s mentioned tours being taxing as well (not to mention her personal safety!), but who knows! Maybe she’ll surprise us, but I’m personally pretty content with just getting albums right now (as long as she’s willing)!
  6. I’m telling myself it’s just a review of the song & a positive remark about the album—if it’s anything more I’ll be pleasantly surprised
  7. One of my favorite songs ever, and it has similar themes to Burnt Norton (albeit a little more bleak) Lana doing something in this vein would shatter the earth but society’s not ready for that i fear
  8. Lana doesn’t have time for a TUOB tour because she’s finalizing the tracklist for LDR11
  9. I’m actually really looking forward to watching TUOB (the album) review videos. I think this album will have some interesting twists and turns, and I love seeing how people respond to Lana’s stylistic choices both sonically and lyrically. Even the not-so-positive reviews are interesting, and one can sometimes tell how a reviewer’s musical background and personal preferences shape their perception of Lana’s music. I particularly enjoy this guy’s videos even if they aren’t the most in-depth dive into her work—it’s just a nice, in-the-moment reaction that doesn’t overcomplicate things:
  10. the way Lana has so many records that are good enough to be eligible for album of the decade blessed
  11. @Elle really shifted the trajectory of the universe for the better
  12. HELP I’ve been looking for this!!!! Bless your soul
  13. I know we’re still going, but @Elle thank you so much for putting this on—I’m sure it’s very time-consuming, and it brings a lot of fun to all of us here! So appreciative of all you do!
  14. Definitely didn’t expect to see Serene Queen but good for her
  15. I love seeing all my fellow Lipsters enjoying the festivities and supporting one another
  16. @Surf Noir @paris texas it was such a scene congratulations!!!
  17. I Talk To Jesus Demo….I’m so sorry, sweetie…your time will come
  18. us in the bathroom (crying or stoned? who knows!)
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