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  1. Why do we think the UO cover is the side face blue cover? But ain’t that a webstore exclusive the yellow one ?
  2. I wonder if we will get all 4 arts as picture discs also?!
  3. What the hell? After all my staying up late waiting for news and singles with Chemtrails not forgetting the melt downs I’m not mentally ready to go though it again .... but I will only for Lana!
  4. So what did I miss? Lol....jk I ordered the grey store exclusive and the hmv red. Waiting on the urban outfitters cover now
  5. This better not come on her website with a million different colours cause I just brought the black 🥴
  6. Oh my god I can’t hold it together I’m so excited for violet, it looks so perfect...
  7. Every Lana song is perfect because it’s a Lana song! Stop being so ungrateful
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